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Discover the Sacred Heart of Peru

May 13, 2023 - May 20, 2023

It is with great excitement and pleasure that Caroline Karditzas and her team welcome you to the exquisite, Willka T’ika Luxury Wellness Resort. Caroline, a 500 hour YT, sound healer, and Quantum Intuitive, believes wholeheartedly in “shaking the container” to unearth who we truly are at our core. In order to discover our purest potential and brightest light, sometimes it’s necessary to leave our comfort zone and much like a snow globe, shake it all up in a caring and rejuvenating environment so that we can experience the sound of our soul. Steeped in the sacred heart of the Andes, surrounded by mountains, gardens, and the clearest skies, we will shake. We will play. We will laugh and be curious. We will walk and talk and stretch and be stretched in all the best ways….and maybe, we will cry. Overall, we will live out loud and discover truths we may not have known before. We will ask all the questions and hopefully, be able to be clear enough to understand them, when the answers come through. We will welcome it all.

For this week’s journey, to our loving staff, we have invited Reiki Master, Vic Stone; Sound Healer and Medium, Bill Karditzas; and Empowerment Specialist and fellow Quantum Intuitive, Luz Hicela Galeano. Luz is an expert at helping individuals bridge the connection between the thinking mind and the heart’s desires, allowing the soul to have an empowered voice. This soul-full awareness allows for the space that is necessary for those “Ah Ha” moments that are hard to experience when our lives are too full of noise or our cords to the past are too tight.

Joining our community for this week, means being part of our healing circle. We welcome each individual as an integral member of that which will undoubtedly serve the higher consciousness and be a life-affirming journey for us all. ALL are welcome and ALL will be cared for. With your added energies, we will journey through vibrations and meditations, using movement to unlock energies of the body, as well as experience places that invite adventure, while leaving lots of space for self-care and integration.

Caroline Karditzas is a 500 hour yoga teacher, practicing and teaching since 2003. Once she discovered that her “knowings” actually classified her as an empath in 2013, spiritual doorways opened and gifts poured forth from the beyond. As a Quantum Intuitive, Reiki master teacher, certified sound healer, medicinal herbologist, and all-around cheerleader for the evolution of humankind, she loves to empower others to develop healthy energetic boundaries, free their bodies of bound energies, and assist with the cultivation of empathic abilities in others. Caroline loves to travel and build group travel experiences. Peru will be her 23rd country and she has been looking forward to visiting Machu Picchu since she was 6 years old.

For more detailed info and to register for this event, visit: https://www.wetravel.com/trips/discover-the-sacred-heart-of-peru-caroline-karditzas-urubamba-28295613


May 13, 2023
May 20, 2023