Firebird Ceremonies

May 30, 2019 to Jun 8, 2019


Soul-Tending for Women on the Cusp of Change

with JACQUIE DONAHUE, facilitator of intimate gatherings, retreats and mentoring for women who are seeking a love affair with Source

What You Will Experience: Through sound baths, bodywork, Gateless writing, meditation and movement sessions, storytelling and deep listening you will be gently guided to heal and release old patterns, re-awaken your sensory channels, reconnect with the power of nature and reclaim the wisdom-spark of your hidden self. This retreat is designed to revive your creative spirit and restore vision: the true power of woman’s creation. One-on-one sessions with Vision Keeper and Mentor, Jacquie Donahue will support you as you move beyond the literal mind to a reunion and love affair with soul and Source. 
Where You Will Be Staying: Willka T’ika Retreat Center provides you with Feng Shui-inspired accommodations constructed from earth materials. Your gourmet vegetarian meals are from food grown on the property, including a variety of restorative mates from Inkan medicinal plants, herbs and flowers. The goal is for you to luxuriate in a fully-inclusive program that caters to your needs and takes care of logistics, so you can connect deeply within. 
What is Available to You: During the seven days you spend in the sacred Andes, where the spirit of Pachamama is reverently honored, shared and felt, you will have access to Willka T’ika’s magnificent Chakra Gardens and the Willka T’ika’s Qero healers, who are available to perform traditional Andean healing rituals and ceremonies to clear and restore somatic pathways in the body. These will awaken within you a sense of profound joy and soul-spirit embodiment. Daily Yoga/Pilates, meditation and sound healing will take place in the Willka T’ika gardens and sacred shala temples dedicated to the arts and healing. 
Is This for You? Sweetheart, Firebird Ceremonies is for you if you are a woman on the cusp of change; if you feel called or even pushed by life to heal or rebuild yourself. It’s for you if you seek community and practical tools for spiritual work, if you desire to reclaim your own divine-nature, and if you feel called to burst through ancestral patterning to discover the power and brilliance of the true self. 
Firebird Ceremonies facilitates the acceptance of more joy, energy, healing and creative self-expression in your life. These seven days will be one of the most astounding weeks of your life. You will reemerge transformed. There is no better time than NOW to become the Firebird, revive your unique spark and dance into life as your own dazzling spirit-filled brilliance!

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I was born in Truckee, California on the shores of Lake Tahoe to immigrant parents, went to school for communications, moved to LA for graduate school and began working in the field of public relations and marketing. In 1994 while I was raising a family and doing marketing and interiors for my husband’s development projects, I was compelled by an inner desire to lead retreats for women, because it was what I, myself, craved. This was before there was a real blueprint for it.

And what I want you to know is that I am exactly like you. I’ve stumbled. I’ve been through trauma, I’ve faced down the fear of rejection, been silenced, felt the pain and anguish of being invisible, of not feeling worthy and valuable. I know what it’s like to be stripped of your voice and your power, to live someone else’s dream instead of your own. 

Like so many, I lost who I was, but I remembered how to find her by never giving up on her. I want you to know, it is possible to be who you were meant to be, even if you spent a lifetime in hiding or diminished or whatever has happened to you. You do not need to be afraid. There’s power in women coming together.  Every woman is necessary. 

And in that journey, I am here for you.  I am reliable and steady. You can lean on me. I hear you, I see you and believe in you, I recognize you and relate to you, soul to soul. 

That is my life work.