Oraroot Yoga Immersion: Pachamama-Return to Earth & True Nature

Sep 5, 2019 to Sep 14, 2019

Join this Oraroot Yoga Immersion for an unforgettable once in a lifetime 9 night/ 10 day journey to  Cusco, The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, Peru. This unique and special offering will be a culturally immersive experience for those interested in visiting sacred sites, while respecting the indigenous traditions and people of Peru and those living in the Sacred Valley. This yoga immersion is a treat for those who enjoy exploration and would like to deepen their awareness of the ways of life in the Sacred Valley. There will be plenty of yoga for all levels interwoven in this program which is sure to honor your practice and Spirit in many ways. This retreat incorporates all level yoga workshops including: asana, meditation, pranayama, guided meditations, yoga nidra, deep relaxation, chanting along with additional programs a retreat center located at the heart of Sacred Valley. The full program begins in Cusco, Peru and is an ultimate experience whether it is your first time travelling to the Sacred Valley or if you have been before. This carefully crafted retreat will invite you to take in the beauty of the people, the culture and land and evoke a deep reverence of Pachamama and our innate capacity to heal. This journey will be a truly gorgeous way to settle into your heart, body and true nature while honoring the earth that sustains us every day by feeling the power of the elements that we are made of. This retreat is an invitation to be immersed in the glory of nature and in the traditions and practices that honor Pachamama. 

Orameh Bagheri BIO:
Yoga is a healing path when practiced compassionately. All of the bodies from the physical, energetic, emotional and wisdom bodies are connected when approached with understanding. The collective body is always in flux and the practice of yoga is one path of many to provide clarity, resilience and ultimately, a deep presence and connection within and to all life. 
I embrace the beauty and lifelong relationship to the process of yoga to invite an embodied practice to cultivate joy, compassion, understanding and connection to the divinity of being human in the art of life.  My personal healing path and love of working with people to access their inherent capability to heal and be connected to their true nature is what drives my teaching. 

I am interested in how life experience and the emotional body effect our relationship to our own being and to the way we engage in life. Working with yoga as the foundation to heal through personal trauma history, drug abuse, depression, and physical ailments gives me a deep appreciation for this practice which I began in 2000. It is not the short road, but a rewarding and fulfilling path for the dedicated practitioner willing to take the steps.

My meditation practice is steeped in the study of Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and Sufism with a deep respect for a wide pantheon of teachers and teachings from the East and West. 

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner which utilizes a body up based approach to build resilience and recovery from trauma caused by a myriad of causes ranging from social oppression, abuse, accidents and more.  Unresolved trauma can manifest in a multitude of ways in the physical and mental body and providing support to people to navigate their own healing ability is one of my passions. 

I am an E-RYT Yoga Teacher and have been teaching in Los Angeles since 2011 and teach workshops, studio classes, private sessions and retreats locally and internationally. I am a Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher, Certified Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher, Certified Yoga of the Heart and Cancer Teacher, Certified Trauma informed Yoga Instructor. Some of the teachers who I have formally worked with who influence aspects of my teaching are Ana Forrest, Nischala Joy Devi, Richard Miller, Jill Miller, Brian Campbell along with many more based on self-study.   

Please contact: info@willkatika.com for additional info.