Sacred Journey to Peru with Judy Aranda

Aug 3, 2019 to Aug 10, 2019

Judy Aranda’s spiritual journey began when she had a near death drowning experience at age 7.  From that point on, life would never be the same in the most wonderful and beautiful of ways.   This experience left her being able to see the seen and unseen worlds.  She chose a career in healthcare which allowed her to hear the stories of many who had near death experiences and the experiences they had through the process of death and then being brought back to life.   She has been a Physical Therapist for the past 39 years.  She is an international speaker teaching others how to connect to their inner wisdom, understand energy and grow in their spirituality.  Her other passion is teaching our respected elders how to age in place with grace, dignity and at their maximum and safest level of independence.  She lives with her husband in the green mountains of Tennessee where she has opened, Spiral Garden Wellness Center. This center uses a holistic approach to healing and life.  

We would be honored if you would join us on this amazing journey to Wilka T’ika and the sacred sites of Peru with Judy Aranda!


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