Transformative Healing Arts with Romi Cumes in the Peruvian Andes

Jun 29, 2019 to Jul 6, 2019


Join Romi Cumes this June for a special travel opportunity that will guide guests through Cusco, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley of Peru.

"For the last twenty years, Peru has been like a second home to my family and is where my mother Carol created one of the most beautiful retreat centers in South America: Willka T’ika."

After an overnight in ancient city of Cusco, participants will be based at beautiful Willka T’ika, and from there take daily excursions to some of the most beautiful and sacred sites in the world. Guests will experience the magnetic spirit of the Peruvian people and their traditions, while being provided space for quiet reflection, personal healing, and transformation. Each morning will start with a guided movement or yoga practice and Romi will facilitate meditation and group healing sessions at various sacred sites. One-on-one bodywork and counseling sessions will also be available.

Romi Cumes MA, LMFT, CMT is the founder of Transformative Healing Arts and has over twenty years combined experience offering professional massage therapy, yoga instruction, somatic psychotherapy, counseling, and intuitive healing. Romi has had the “travel bug” her whole life and has been leading international healing retreats since 2014. Her clinical psychology and healing practice iare located in Santa Barbara, California.

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