Yogascapes Peru Retreat

Sep 14, 2019 to Sep 20, 2019

This yoga retreat & adventure in Peru will be full of magic and awe, lush clean air and nature, a sharpening of one’s trust and intuition, an awakening of one’s adventurous spirit, sacred land and unique heart-opening-mind-expanding experiences, a richness of culture and connection, an experience full of color and texture, a tonifying of both our physical and subtle body from all the land, yoga, hiking, nourishment, joy and community. The journey will be filled with sacred temples, mystical historical sites, inspiring stories, passion, nature, exceptional people, local food, market place art, and more. We will re-ignite our curiosity for life, commitment to self-love and to daily movement and ritual. We will learn and respect the ways of the locals, and step out of our own limited box, which can be so life changing!

The Sacred Valley is part of many people’s spiritual journey. It is a place that embraces you and challenges you. It is a place that calls you more and more into your purpose by being in touch with an ancient civilization that was so in touch with theirs and whose descendants still embrace their wisdom. We created this trip to give you the most authentic version of this sacred place as we possibly could, while offering a safe and beautiful movement and spiritual practice to support and enrich the journey.

Highlights & Inclusions

All Breakfasts & Dinners, some lunches not included
Lunch at MIL //arguably one of the best food experiences in the world
Visit to Maras / Salineras salt mines with Beautiful Picnic Lunch
Tour of Moray /  The agricultural laboratory of the Incas
Traditional Despacho Ceremony
Sound Healing & Cacao Ceremony
Visit to Ollantaytambo
All transportation during the retreat, including group airport drop off on the final day.

ADD-ON: Machu Picchu & Hyuana Picchu!

itinerary subject to change

Day 1 – Sept 14 – Arrival / Willka

3:00pm – 5:30pm – Arrival & settling into our beautiful home ▻  5:30pm – Opening Circle + Yoga Practice ▻  7:00pm – Family Style Dinner ▻  8:00pm – Intention setting + Meditation 

Day 2 – Sep 15 – Willka – Hike /  Despacho Ceremony

8:00am – Morning Yoga ▻  9:30am – Breakfast  ▻  10:15am – Local  Hike  ▻  1:30pm – Family style lunch  ▻  2:30pm Despacho: offering ceremony with a Q’ero shaman  ▻  7:00pm – Dinner

Day 3 – Sep 16-Willka /  Willka T’ika / Moray and Maras / The MIL

7:00am Yoga  ▻  8:00 Breakfast  ▻  Visiting Moray Inca ruins and Maras salt mines  ▻  Lunch at the MIL ▻  6:00pm – Yin Yoga + Chakra Balancing: subtle energy healing  ▻  7:30pm – Dinner

Day 4 –Sep 17 –Willka T’ika / Optional Day

8:00am – Yoga  ▻  9:30am – Breakfast  ▻  1:00pm – Lunch  ▻  5:00pm – Yin Yoga + Chakra Balancing: subtle energy healing  ▻  6:30pm –Dinner

Day 5 – Sep 18 – Willka T’ika / Machu Picchu

6:00am – Depart for Machu Picchu ▻  Machu Picchu Day!  ▻  6:00pm – Visit Ollantaytambo  ▻  7:00pm –Dinner

Day 5 – Sep 19 – Willka T’ika / Sound Healing

8:00am – Yoga  ▻  9:30am – Breakfast  ▻  1:00pm – Lunch  ▻  7:00pm –Dinner  ▻  8:00 – Closing Circle + Evening Ritual + Sound Healing

Day 6 – Sep 20-Departure

8:00am – Breakfast + Departure