It goes without saying I fell in love with this place the moment I set foot inside. The food, the staff, the gorgeous surroundings, the aroma of the gardens, the solar baths, the body massage… There’s no end!Thank you so much for this wonde …read more
Marcia Pera
My sons Mitch and Matt Schultz had visited Willka T’ika with Dennis McKenna (famous in ayawaska science) last year. They told me it was a must for my trip to Peru this year. After our Salkkantay “adventure” trek and visit to Machu Pic …read more
Terri Schult
Magical! My first time abroad and look where I land- a garden of Eden. Muchas gracios. It was wonderful meeting Carol and staff.…read more
Meredith Marshall
I have never had tears when leaving a “temporary home’ before. This place is like a wonderful dream I don’t want to awaken from.…read more
Ginny McNamara
A sacred space, a sacred place. Many opportunities for the sacred Pause-Thank you Carol for the embrace I received from the wonderful land.…read more
Susan Turis
This experience has been one of the most glorious of my travels. I know the others in our yoga group have been blessed also by this healing place. Many thanks for your hospitality, warmth and generosity. The Children’s school was by far the highl …read more
Julie Cielo
What an amazing treat to stay at Willka T’ika! The staff is exceptional. The food is incredible. The gardens are healing and thank you for gracing us with Don Benito’s energy and presence. I feel revived.…read more
Sara Spanier
After nine trips to Peru, I am sure there is no better place to stay than Willka T’ika. Carol is an amazing hostess and the staff is all loving, nurturing, and happy to meet individual needs. The beauty of the gardens is unprecedented. At Willka …read more
Claudia Edwards
It took me 25 years to finally get to Peru and I could not possibly have asked for a better travel partner- Magical Journey and Carol and her team are not only magical, they are also the most gentle and genuine people I have met.…read more
Lu-Ann Maharaj
The resort is truly magical and the Magical Journey program is as good as it gets anywhere in the world. By combining a spiritual journey with true adventure in the beautiful backdrop of the Sacred Valley. Please continue to do this as long as possible …read more
Rakesh Goswani


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