Roots in my Heart

""Willka T’ika is the magical, special place that it is not because of its location (which is spectacular) but because of the people that make it work. Carol and Terry of course, Vidya and Theo, but also and perhaps especially, that wonderful family that ‘adopted’ Carol twenty years ago and have remained loyal.  They are so cool.... Last night I was browsing my photos and reminiscing, and ran across a photo from last August, me and my friend, the ancient Lucuma. That tree has its roots in my heart, and it will always be a beacon for me." " -- Dr. Dennis McKenna, University of Minnesota, 2015

Like Family

"We are all back home now with warm wonderful memories of our time in Wilka Tika. I just wanted to thank you again and your wonderful staff for making us feel so at home and like family.  Everyone loved Wilka Tika, but they loved the staff even more.  And, I really can't say enough good things about our guide.  He went above and beyond of what I expected.  Part of my workshop was on team building, and part of the curriculum was teaching my students that your amazing staff is a byproduct of how you have treated and cared for them.  Leading my first group in Peru was great and Wilka Tika was a big part of it.     " -- Hatun Munay, Claudia Edwards 2015  

Such Beauty & Peace

""I have traveled quite a bit and stayed in some wonderful hotels but never encountered such beauty and peacefulness.  Then there's the staff; where do these wonderful people come from?  The visit to the mountain school brought tears to everyone's eyes and the beauty and kindness of the mothers and staff was heartwarming. Well, I guess you can tell we had a wonderful experience.... Our thanks to everyone at Willka T'ika.... " -- Loretta Glomb Yoga Instructor 

Wow! loved all of it

"Thank you and all your staff for such a wonderful, relaxing and inspiring stay at Willka Tika. Wow! loved all of it. You most certainly have established the most beautiful restful retreat, actually a home. Whenever I chat to anyone about my trip, I share my thoughts with them about Willka Tika and what an amazing property it is. They must go! " -- Elise Shaw, Sydney AU, October, 2014

Invitation to Breathe Deeply

"In Peru, even though we stayed at the Monasterio and the Inkaterra Machu Picchu, the place that surprisingly WOWed all of us was Willka T’ika, a garden guesthouse/retreat center in the Sacred Valley town of Urubamba!  All eight of my friends were totally enchanted, and these are seasoned travelers who do not enchant easily!  The owner, Carol Cumes, is a wonderful host whose vision has created a vibrant, amazingly verdant, sweet-fragranced, fruit-ladened, bee-buzzing haven of hidden gardens and wandering paths with a gentle, attentive staff and tasteful, comfortable rooms. The grounds are stunning. There is a beautiful yoga gathering room, as well as, other places for relaxation and reflection… but this not only a yoga retreat center; it is one of those rare places you discover while travelling that invites you to breathe deeply... Also, the relationships Carol Cumes has with the local people and the work she does on their behalf is inspired. Willka T’ika creates an experience that has a very, very special vibe… " -- Carolyn Luce, May 2013

Heaven is right here!

"From the moment the gates open and you enter Willka Tika, your mouth drops open in amazement at the vibrant, bold colors of thousands of flowers, your nose is greeted with the delicious aroma of every flower essence imaginable and your eyes focus upon the smiles of all the staff at Willka Tika! I felt as if I was in Heaven...literally, and that feeling was present every single day I spent there. My room was expansive, and all meals were from the organic garden, fresh hours before mealtime and delicious! You could feel the love from the staff who makes them daily..... I was blessed to be able to practice yoga daily in both beautiful fully equipped yoga studios with walls of windows... The space is Divine, sacred and perfect for anyone wanting to relax, refresh, let go and heal on all levels!!!! Carol, Mark and her entire staff are family now and they treat you like one of the family! Your trip will be taken care of in all ways and your options for Spa services is top notch! This is a must.... " -- Chris Schwan, Yoga Teacher, AZ, USA, October, 2013

Magical visit to Willka Tika, October 2013

"I have just returned from a 10-day trip to Peru with a yoga group, which included a magical 5 day stay at Willka T'ika. I will simply join in and echo what so many other reviewers have said. Carol and her incredibly wonderful, caring staff partners have created, almost by miracle, a place that truly seems blessed. Healing gardens that intoxicate the senses and calm the soul. Beautiful rooms in buildings that blend right into the landscape. Special places for music, yoga, and quiet contemplation. The cozy comfort of the lounge with always-fresh herbs for making tea, beautifully presented, and the delicious, healthy meals. Don't miss taking a solar bath at night--gazing at the night skies in a fragrant, hot water bath in the garden. And just be sure to spend lots of time in the chakra gardens. " -- USA yoga student

Fantastic Place

"It was the first time there and was very excited about it. It is a fantastic place, a little paradise with flowers, good and healthy food and very nice people. It was an experience I will never forget. I'd like to go back there. " -- Solo Traveler, September 2013

A Jewel in the Sacred Valley

"Fantastic! The rooms were beautiful. Clean and comforting. The hot water bottle was a great surprise. Food was 1st class organic vegetarian. I am by no means a strict vegetarian, but if I had access to the meals served here I would be! The Chakra Gardens are beautiful and mystical. We were blessed to have a tour of the Gardens from Carol. The Staff are the best! Accommodating and quick with smile and greeting. If I am lucky enough to return to the Sacred Valley, this is the only place I would stay! Thank You Carol and Staff at Willka Tika!   " -- C. Powers, San Diego, CA, October, 2013

Ron Oliver

"Willka T’ika is not just a beautiful place in the Sacred Mountains of Peru where transformation takes place. It’s a gift to yourself that makes you feel cradled by the Universe. You realize this place is special the moment you’re greeted by Carol and her amazing staff at the front door of the retreat. " -- Ron Oliver, Atlanta GA