The cuisine was delicious!

"Your gardens are fabulous and we loved the aura of peace inspired by them, and the rooms and fabulous staff. The cuisine was delicious! " -- Frederica and Liz Cryan, Pittburgh, Pennsylvania

What a magical and fabulous place Willka T’ika is

"What a magical and fabulous place Willka T’ika is. I loved my stay here and was transformed by the beauty of the people, the gardens, the buildings, the spirit of ayni that infuses everything. " -- Victoria Carmona, West Hartford, Connecticut

I leave behind a piece of my soul

"I leave behind a piece of my soul for the mountains to take: I will always be a part of it. Thank you so much for the beautiful spirit and love from all the staff and nature. " -- Laurie Ann Mayhew, New Hampshire

We have been very well looked after here

"Thank you for a wonderful relaxing commune with spirit, journeying through the gardens and absorbing the atmosphere. We have been very well looked after here. " -- Marco of London and Peter Clode

I love the peacefulness you have created

"My soul sings with Joy. The gardens are beautiful beyond description. I love the peacefulness you have created. The gentle spirits of the staff here are like the flowers that smile at the sun. " -- Laurela Boyle

Thank you for creating this oasis of love

"Thank you for creating this oasis of love, caring, beauty, comfort, quiet, spirit and nurturing/nourishing pure food. " -- Donna Jefferson

Beautiful moments

"Beautiful moments At Willka T’ika Fragrances and colors Wandering through the gardens Delighting in the bird calls Feeling the morning dew on My feet- And the sun on my face Thank you WillkaT’ika Carol and Mark and all the staff that Bring these gifts to all of us Unconditionally and with Love In the heart I will be part of this place  Forever " -- Amame


"Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary at Willka T’ika was extra special. The honeymoon suite overlooking the gardens was wonderful. I am taking many ideas home to my garden. Our hearts are open, our chakras aligned and we are inspired to come back to Peru. This trip was more than we ever expected. Namaste. " -- Jim and Maggie McMains

Inky von der Veldon

"Ohm Shanti Ohm. Will I be back? Yes! I had the time of my life. I’m spoiled with love, food, yoga, gardens and the 5 elements are all so complete. Your love and compassion is felt deeply in my heart I don’t want to leave this shangrila! In service to humanity, love and light. " -- Inky von der Veldon

Amelia Sinclair

"Love, Care, Warmth, compassion and Empathy are only a few words to encapsulate Willka T’ika. It is not merely a physical beauty, it is deeper.  I am so grateful for having experienced EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. " -- Amelia Sinclair