Helen Nichols

"Thank you for the fingerprint of Eden. It is a place of possibilities and rebirth. I will visit the place in m mind and remember the bounty and cooperation of this benevolent universe. " -- Helen Nichols

Francesca from Naples and Roxana from Romania

"A real paradise, out of time and space, deprived of geography and physics, pure moment of Grace. " -- Francesca from Naples Roxana from Romania

Jim, Elain, Al and Jeff Tholen. Great Falls Virginia

"The rooms are lovely, the food fantastic and the gardens are a true inspiration. This was a great spot to come back to from all of our explorations of the Sacred Valley. What a treasure. " -- Jim, Elain, Al and Jeff Tholen Great Falls Virginia

Singing Owl

"All this beauty of Peru felt concentrated right here at Willka T’ika. " -- Singing Owl

Casey Terry - Totally Alive Group, Australia.

"What an oasis of love, support and light. Thank you for providing us with such a Divine experience and for your ability to hold spirituality and love for this land. " -- Casey Terry Totally Alive Group Australia 

Kate Mulder. San Francisco, California

"No amount of luxury can replace the heart and soul and positive energy that has been created in this special place. Our Magical Journey tour was the trip of a lifetime. I was thrilled to learn all the aspects of the true Andean cosmology as we toured the country with our amazing guide. Carol, you have created a place that feels like home and all the elements of Willka T’ika including the staff, is a restorative, inspiring place. I cannot wait to return! " -- Kate Mulder San Francisco, California

Anne Alberg. Redmond, Washington.

"Words cannot describe the “Magical Journey.” We had an incredible group with many special surprises along the way. I was on my own personal journey. Carol’s tour of the sacred gardens changed my life as many wonderful insights came to me. Meeting the children was another highlight as was the solar bath under the stars. I am already looking forward to my next visit. " -- Anne Alberg Redmond, Washington

Rakesh Goswani

"The resort is truly magical and the Magical Journey program is as good as it gets anywhere in the world. By combining a spiritual journey with true adventure in the beautiful backdrop of the Sacred Valley. Please continue to do this as long as possible. Love and blessings.  " -- Rakesh Goswani

Lu-Ann Maharaj

"It took me 25 years to finally get to Peru and I could not possibly have asked for a better travel partner- Magical Journey and Carol and her team are not only magical, they are also the most gentle and genuine people I have met. " -- Lu-Ann Maharaj

Claudia Edwards

"After nine trips to Peru, I am sure there is no better place to stay than Willka T’ika. Carol is an amazing hostess and the staff is all loving, nurturing, and happy to meet individual needs. The beauty of the gardens is unprecedented. At Willka T’ika you will find an inner peace that will help you remember the best in yourself. " -- Claudia Edwards