Larry W Thomas

"It is impossible to describe the breadth and depth of my experience at Willka T’ika. I believe that the spirit never dies and Carol’s work of art in Willka T’ika is living proof that the Spirits of Pachamama live within her and get passed to all who stay with her. What a perfect place to stay in Peru. Muchas gracias. " -- Larry W Thomas

Stephanie Yewcic

"I have a passion for travel and Peru and especially Willka T’ika, (Carol, guides and staff) is the most beautiful place I have ever visited on earth. The place the people, the food and the spirituality have far exceeded any expectations I had! I am 100% certain I will return and I highly recommend everyone visit here for a Magical Journey! " -- Stephanie Yewcic

Bill Germer

"I haven’t done yoga, I am not a vegetarian, not many hours of my nearly 65 years have been spent in gardens, and Machu Picchu was not accessible. Yet, after a glorious week at Willka T’ika, I am excited about yoga, I have thoroughly enjoyed the delicious and beautifully prepared vegetarian menu, I am finding enchantment and serenity in the exquisite Chakra Gardens, and I have seen and absorbed so much of the Sacred Valley’s myths, mystery, monument and majesty that Machu Picchu has become unnecessary. Thanks to the guide for the blessings of our knowledge, enthusiasm and passion. Thank you, Carol, for transforming a vision into a reality, and for the nurture and loving care in which you immerse your guests. Peace " -- Bill Germer

Gary Palisch

"Love Love Love. It manifests through the Pachamama, the people, the food, and the rooms. Willka T'ika is a blessing of love. " -- Gary Palisch

Mary Dunn - Iyengar Yoga Teacher

"Carol connects with the positive forces in nature, in people, animals, food, flowers, and the land itself. The yoga space she has created is uplifting and fulfills its promise to those who learn and teach. " -- The Late Mary Dunn Iyengar Yoga Teacher 

Cathy and Gary Graham – Anasura Yoga Group.

"What we found was a place of heart-felt tranquility, balance and spirituality, where one’s practice of yoga felt more “connected”; connected to the heart and its peoples came to us through our guide, provided by the Magical Journey. In effect, our guide became a twentieth member of our group, leading us to varied sites, explaining the history of each reaching back to and through the Inkan era, and sharing with us the passion and pride of the Quechua people.  The Magical Journey itinerary had been prescribed for us, and included all of the logistical details that would afford us a personal and ‘up close look’ at the Andean culture. The simplicity of life and the true attitude of softhearted devotion. While a major component of the Willka T’ika experience was its “yoga-friendly” nature, another significant aspect was the introduction to and experience of Peru, and more importantly, the historical and spiritual nature of the Inkan civilization and its people. The key to the secrets and history of the region  " -- Cathy and Gary Graham Anasura Yoga Group

Deborah Koehn and David Blehert

"Willka T'ika is a true gift. After 22 years of teaching yoga and guiding adventure travel in Peru, we are so happy to have found this special place to stay. Fresh organic food made and served by loving Quechua staff, inspirational gardens, the great yoga room, clean and charming sleeping rooms makes this a place where we can feel at home while feeling a connection with a culture that we love. The Sacred Valley is right out the door. The Spirit of the Andes is alive here! " -- Deborah Koehn Yoga Teacher & Adventure Travel Guide David Blehert Photographer & Adventure Travel Guide

Leslie Manes - Yoga Teacher. North Salem, New York

"It is beautiful, peaceful, and joyous here. Your gardens are a work of art. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. " -- Leslie Manes Yoga Teacher North Salem, New York

Sibylle Baughan - Yoga Teacher. Pittsfield, Massachusetts

"My second ‘Magical Journey’ to Peru. This is a very special place. Everything is done with love. Flowers without end. Delicious meals and the greatest comforts in all of Peru. " -- Sibylle Baughan Yoga Teacher Pittsfield, Massachusetts 

Larry Schultz - Founder & Yoga Teacher, It’s Yoga. San Francisco, California

"We leave your healing oasis in the Sacred Valley filled up with spirit...renewal, inspired and soaring to new heights. Thank you for your expert care, kindness and for making the It’s Yoga group feel so nurtured on this journey. Willka T'ika is an ideal location for yoga: sacred sites, sacred people, delicious food, and top-notch organization. I know we will be returning every year. " -- The Late Larry Schultz Founder & Yoga Teacher, It’s Yoga San Francisco, California