Work at Willka T’ika!

Work at Willka T’ika!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to work at a Wellness Center like Willka T’ika?

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Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping in lush gardens;

Yoga and meditation practice whenever you feel inspired;

Organic farm-to-table vegetarian food prepared just for you;

Hikes to local Incan ruins and craft markets;

Meeting fascinating, blissed-out travelers!

Every week we receive messages from people interested in work, work-exchange, or volunteer opportunities at Willka T’ika. We generally respond by explaining that we have a wonderful staff of 19 Quechua neighbors who have been working with us since 1995. In the tradition of the Andean principle of “ayni” or reciprocity everyone pitches in and helps with guest services, food preparation, housekeeping, gardening, and maintenance. As such, we have rarely needed outside help.

However, as we expand to attract more diverse individuals and groups from different countries, we are considering an internship program where people interested in Wellness and Hospitality can join our team for a short term (or long term) project and contribute to the growth of our center.

Are you interested in spending a few months working at Willka T’ika?

The potential and opportunity is unlimited as there is so much that can be accomplished with the right person. It really depends on your experience and interest.
Here are a few things that come immediately to mind:

Guest Services

Are you an extravert who loves helping others? Can you interface with our guests in multiple languages? Do you have enough local knowledge to help them plan their time in the Sacred Valley (excursions, hikes, markets) as well as their stay at Willka T’ika (yoga classes, healing ceremonies, spa treatments)?
Where would you take your best friend if s/he were visiting the Sacred Valley?


Are you a digital native? Do you get excited (and creative) about reaching out to our existing and potential community of visitors and retreat leaders? Are you super skilled with e-mail blasts, Facebook posts, Instagram stories, Google PPC.
What does “Business Development” mean to you?


Are you more of a “nuts-and-bolts” person? Do you love building technical systems?  Would you be excited about managing our on-site inventory systems: store, spa, bar, and restaurant?
What programs and tools would you use?

Wellness Specialist

Maybe business is not your thing but you have a gift to offer our guests? Are you a yoga or mindfulness teacher? Musician? Tour, hiking, or biking guide? Service learning expert? Vegan chef? There may be an opportunity for you to share your craft at Willka T’ika. We are interested in healers of all modalities (although we are not looking for plant-medicine ceremonies at Willka T’ika —  See our Oct ’19 blog on this.)
What is your gift to share?

Can you do it all?

We know it’s rare to find one person that would/could do all of these things but if this sounds like you, then we might consider creating a position as an “On-Site Director.”  Most likely, we would start with an initial, part-time collaboration and eventually create a full-time position. “Fit” is everything and we want someone who really understands what Willka T’ika is about and why all of our staff have stayed with us since the very beginning.

Reciprocity (Ayni)?

In terms of compensation, for the initial internships, there would be a few ways to look at it:

~Room and board for the intern either at Willka T’ika or next door at Healing Gardens.

~The opportunity to participate in many of our excursions, classes, and wellness activities

~The possibility for commissions for services rendered

~Eventually: full-time salary on “planilla” which includes benefits, insurance, etc. Must be a Peruvian resident.

~All of the above

Interested parties should please send the following to

~Resume (include e-mail, current address, and language skills)

~Cover letter (include answers to the relevant questions above)

~Duration of internship desired and dates of availability

~Type of compensation required (choose among 5 options)