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– Magical ecolodge location –
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Experience Willka T’ika, our exquisite sanctuary designed for rejuvenation and reflection.

Willka T’ika is the premier luxury retreat center in the Sacred Valley of Peru, located between the Incan Capital of Cusco and the World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu.

  • Meet our attentive and caring Quechua staff, most of whom have been with Willka T’ika since its founding in 1994.
  • Relish our chefs’ delicious organic vegetarian cuisine, harvested daily from Willka T’ika’s gardens and greenhouses. Vegan and gluten-free options are readily available.
  • Immerse yourself in the relaxing beauty of our rooms and facilities, constructed of all-natural local materials, and decorated by Willka T’ika’s own Andean artist.
  • Relax or connect in our main building’s spacious living room with a fireplace, bar, and dining area overlooking the gardens.
  • There are also a library and music rooms, each with fireplaces, ideal for quiet contemplation.
  • Let the pathways winding through our renowned Seven Chakra Gardens lead you to our Andean spa, secluded solar baths, and crystal light therapy room.
  • Grow your movement practice in one of our two state-of-the-art yoga studios.
  • Find unique jewelry & local crafts in our store, supporting our non-profit Willka T’ika Children’s Fund.

Surrounded by the Andes Mountains, our location and accommodations provide an energizing, nourishing environment for contemplation, restoration, and rejuvenation.

Experience Willka T’ika

Seven Chakras Garden

Willka T’ika is home to the renowned Seven Chakra Gardens, each tuned to one of the chakras (energy centers) of the human body.

Healing Arts

Experience healing arts unlike anywhere else: floral solar baths, Andean massage, facials made with ingredients from our healing gardens, crystal light therapy, and more.


Immerse yourself in the relaxing beauty of our guest rooms, yoga studios, meditation spaces, and more, all constructed of natural local materials.

Unique Offerings

Traditional Andean ceremonies, art workshops, Andean music, and hikes or excursions to local cultural sites are just a few of the unique experiences you will find at Willka T’ika.



Relax and enjoy your stay at Willka T’ika! We provide the perfect location for:

  • Rejuvenating body, mind, and soul with traditional Andean healing arts
  • Enjoying nutritious, locally grown food, which we are happy to prepare with your specific dietary needs in mind
  • Respecting and supporting the natural environment and local community
  • Visiting with experienced, trusted, local tour guides and staff
  • Experiencing plant healing ceremonies with local, trusted healers
  • Beginning or ending a journey on the Inca Trail

3 Ways to Stay at Willka T’ika

Book A Room Overnight

Choose from one of our three luxurious all-inclusive retreat packages
Personal Retreat Offerings:

  • Yoga and Relaxation Retreat
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat
  • Women’s Retreat (bring 4 guests, the 5th stays free!)

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Join A Group Retreat

Join an experienced leader’s group program
Sample Group Retreats:

  • Peru Yoga and Cultural Immersion Retreat
  • The Spirit of Pachamama Yoga and Hiking Retreats
  • Awaken your Soul in Peru Retreat

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Special Promotions

Just stopping through the Sacred Valley? Make Willka T’ika your oasis
Accommodation includes:

  • Luxury accommodations in Peru’s Sacred Valley
  • Fresh gourmet breakfast
  • Access to our seven chakra gardens for – self-guided yoga and meditation

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Book Your Retreat

Our friendly reservations manager, Vidya Gauci, is happy to assist you with planning and booking your personal (or group’s) extraordinary visit to Peru’s Sacred Valley and Willka T’ika.