Unique Offerings at Willka T’ika

No matter your interests, there are many unique offerings at Willka T’ika and in Peru’s Sacred Valley for you to experience.

Special Group Services

Andean Ceremonies

Willka T’ika maintains longstanding relationships with a select group of authentic Andean healers.

During our fully inclusive Willka T’ika retreat programs, traditional ritual specialists from the remote Q’ero region of the Andes are available to share the sacred rituals and ceremonies they have performed in their own communities for centuries. Private healing sessions are also available if you are not with a group—just be sure to coordinate with us in advance.

Offerings to Pachamama (Mother Earth)
A traditional Andean despacho or offering is created by an authentic Q’ero to honor the Andean mountain deities or apukuna, followed by a traditional fire ceremony.

Coca Leaf Reading
A highly experienced traditional Andean healer conducts individual consultations and healing treatments using the sacred coca leaf.


Willka T’ika offers exclusive private tours of local cultural sites as well as nature-based outings customized for your group. Centrally located in the Sacred Valley, Willka T’ika is within 45 minutes of all the principal Incan archeological sites and temples. Within walking distance, you can visit the pre-Incan salt mines of Maras and enjoy a variety of spectacular hikes. 

Andean Musicians

Highly accomplished, traditional Andean musicians offer an evening of musical and theatrical celebration. Enjoy listening to the melodic sounds from Incan times, and feel free to get up and dance to the lively music!

Art Workshops

Create a unique piece of Andean art with our in-house Quechua artist, whose internationally- collected work adorns the Willka T’ika grounds. Or, choose to take a ceramics class at a local studio, just a 5-minute walk from Willka T’ika.

Herbal Medicinal Workshops

A knowledgeable local Quechua staff member, who has grown up with the native medicinal plants, conducts this journey through Willka T’ika’s Healing Gardens to share the traditional uses of numerous Incan medicinal herbs. These herbs are still being used for healing by local traditional Quechua.


PachaDanza to Energize your Chakras

A spiritually attuned professional dancer from Cusco leads you or your group on a wonderful dance through each Chakra Garden. This fun and uplifting program assists with the release of unwanted energies.

Andean Wedding Ceremony

A Qero Andean Wedding Ceremony with Pachamama is offered at Willka T’ika for registered guests, known as haywarikuy, which means “let us play.” An exchange of vibrant energy takes place between the pakko ( ritual specialist), the apukuna (mountain deities), Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the participants, celebrating the wedding union. The ceremony concludes with an outdoor fire ceremony.


Activities and Things to Do

Ask our Guest Service staff Verena, Livio or Roxana for help reserving activities.
Prices subject to change. Some activities must be reserved in advance.

Activities at Willka T’ika

  • Chakra Garden Tour (Free)
    Usually conducted in mornings after breakfast
  • Make-Your-Own Mate and Medicinal Garden Self-Guided Tour (Free)
  • Andean Art Workshop with Resident Artist Mario
  • Yoga Classes (Prices Vary)
    See separate Yoga and Meditation list
  • Spa, Solar Baths, and Massage (Prices Vary)
    See separate Andean Spa Treatment list

Activities Off-Property

  • Visit to Seminario ceramics (Free)
    All Willka T’ika mugs, plates, and bowls come from Seminario
  • Pottery class at Seminario Ceramics
    $55 Pricing per person (4 person minimum)
  • Visit to Mon Repos Alpaca Wool Outlet (Free)
  • Guided hike to Perolynoc Waterfall (5hr)
    $30/person (includes box lunch)
  • Guided hike to Salineras (3hr)
    $50/person or ask us for a map for self-guided 
  • Guided hike to Chullpas ruins (2hr)
    $30/person or ask us for a map for self-guided 
  • Mountain Bike Rentals
    $90 – $150/person for 3-4 hour guided tour
  • Horseback Riding
    $95/person for 2 hour guided tour (2 person minimum)
    $110 if only 1 person
  • Ziplining and Via Ferrata

Peru’s Sacred Valley

Surrounded by spectacular Andean mountains, Willka T’ika is located in the Sacred Valley of the Inca, one of the most spiritually energized and beautiful places on Earth.

Explore The Sacred Valley

Experience Willka T'ika


Immerse yourself in the relaxing beauty of our guest rooms, yoga studios, meditation spaces, and more, all constructed of natural local materials.

Seven Chakras Garden

Each of our unique Seven Chakra Gardens contains symbols, shapes, sculptures, colors, and medicinal plants that resonate with one of the classic seven chakras, or energy centers, of the human body.

Vegetarian Meals

Our vegetarian cuisine is a fusion of Andean flavors, lovingly prepared with organic vegetables and herbs grown in our own gardens, along with unique Andean grains and other fresh local foods.

Healing Offerings

Experience healing arts unlike anywhere else: floral solar baths, Andean massage, facials made with ingredients from our healing gardens, crystal light therapy, and more.

Quechua Staff

With deep roots in the Andean culture, beautiful contributions to the site from day one, and dedication to making your experience wonderful, our local Quechua staff are an integral part of Willka T’ika.

Unique Offerings

Traditional Andean ceremonies, art workshops, Andean music, and hikes or excursions to local cultural sites are just a few of the unique experiences you will find at Willka T’ika.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Rodney Yee, Yoga Teacher, Oakland California

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