A Natural Jewel in the Sacred Valley

Wilka T’ika is a beautiful sanctuary nestled in the Sacred Valley. Its many gardens and varieties of gorgeous flowers & plants that are lovingly cared for & tended to support an abundance of bees, butterflies & hummingbirds that accompany you as you meander along the paths. It is a place to come to rest, to release, to heal, to receive & rejuvenate.

Reconnecting to yourself, and to pachama unfolds naturally in the gardens as there is always a number of quiet spaces in the gardens to contemplate, read, journal, meditate, mindfully walk the spiral, or simply listen to the birds sing & the insects flit from flower to flower. The incredibly grounding, healing energy of the wise & ancient Lucuma tree anchors & supports you as you soften and allow yourself to come back to balance. I made sure to take time each day to spend under her branches, and it was my favourite spot for laying in the soft grass on clear nights to take in the starry skies.

Willka T’ika is a more than a business – it is a family that welcomes you with open arms. I felt so safe, supported and cared for by the kind, compassionate & friendly staff – Verena, Roxana, Livio, Marius, Moises, Jesus, Manuel and everyone that I came across all seemed genuinely happy to greet me throughout the day & I so enjoyed chatting with & getting to know each of them. They are all so wise, knowledgeable & willing to assist if ever you have a question or need help, and they hold a plethora of information they are eager to share about their community and the various plants & healing remedies to support you as acclimate and tend to your heart. It was such a treat to have visited at a time when both Carol as well as Tristen & Terry were there, they are all such amazing souls and have such fascinating stories & anecdotes to share.

Also so good for the heart are the many cuddles I enjoyed with Apu the golden lab/lap dog, who instantly made the distance I was from my own fur baby feel lessened. Kallpa is a bit more reserved as a shepherd, but he does soften and is a complete sweetheart if you are patient with him.

There is always filtered drinking water available, as well as hot water & a variety of fresh herbs from the garden with which to brew yourself a soothing cup of tea. In the mornings I enjoyed sipping my coca tea in the gardens as sun began to rise, and there was also delicious, organic & locally grown coffee brewed & ready each morning. The meals we shared were all so delicious, it’s impossible to pick a favourite, and I don’t think we ever had the same dinner twice in the nearly 2 weeks that we were there.

My room was spacious & gorgeous and had everything that I could have needed to feel at home. It featured an abundance of large windows to let in the beautiful natural light & the sounds of nature. It can be confusing at first navigating the winding paths, and I found myself getting delightfully lost or would turn up in a beautiful new space I hadn’t intended on arriving at, but that made it all the more interesting. Both yoga studios are gorgeous and have the most beautiful energy to match.

I feel so grateful to have been able to spend time at such an incredibly special & healing place, where nature is so alive it feels like the literal garden of eden. It is made all the more remarkable by those very tender souls who work hard each day & lovingly give of themselves to make it what it is. My experience was far better than I could have hoped for, it felt like coming home in the very best way. I absolutely look forward to when I can one day return.

~ Retreat Leader/Guest, April 2, 2023