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Spiritual & Cultural Retreat Tours

Join us for the most magical journey of your life. We offer optimized itineraries, developed from over more than 30 years of experience guiding tours in Peru and throughout the world.

Personal Tours

These tours are offered to any of our guests and a wide variety of packages are available.

Join a Group Tour

Group tours and retreat programs with various group leaders are available to join as an individual participant, and are ideal for Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, and Cultural Connection.

Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley Journeys

Our Peru tours include Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Sacred Valley, each with time for spiritual and cultural activities.

We specialize in arranging programs for large and small groups, as well as conducting scheduled tour programs that any individual can join.

For the group leader who wishes to conduct a retreat in their own specialty, while offering their participants the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and energy of some of the planet’s most powerful places, we make the experience seamless. During your program, your participants will come into personal contact with the Andean people and learn about their history, culture, customs, ceremonies, beliefs, and spiritual practices.

We also enjoy arranging similar programs for “friends and family” groups traveling independently.

Our package itineraries are all-inclusive. Whether you are a group leader or a single traveler, you will be freed of all concerns regarding logistics from the time you arrive in Cusco until you leave.

All our retreats are based at Willka T’ika. Our location ensures that travel time between sites is minimized, allowing you to enjoy the sacred sites as well as have plenty of time for your own practices and teaching experiences.

Personal Tours

Journey to Cusco, The Sacred Valley, & Machu Picchu

This group program is a fully-inclusive cultural immersion program and is specially designed for those looking for an authentic Sacred Valley experience.


  • Overnight in Cusco with ceremonies, meditation, and visits to Incan ruins
  • Visit to Machu Picchu, guided tours of sacred sites, and hiking options
  • Time at Willka T’ika to explore the scenic Sacred Valley, relax in the gardens, or enjoy spa services
  • Andean teachings and meditation in the Seven Chakra Gardens
  • Learning the secrets of Incan medicinal plants growing on site
  • Authentic Q’ero healing rituals and offerings to Pachamama
  • All-level yoga classes in Willka T’ika’s spacious, state-of-the-art yoga studios
  • Accommodation in Willka T’ika’s artistically-designed luxury and garden rooms
  • Organic vegetarian farm-to-table meals at Willka T’ika

Included optional activities are:

  • Guided meditations in the Seven Chakra Gardens
  • Nearby walks in the neighboring Quechua community
  • Visit to an Andean mountain school (to support the Willka T’ika Children’s Foundation)
  • Coca leaf reading with an authentic Andean healer
  • Pisaq ruins, optional hike, lunch, and shopping in the famous market

Join one of the most authentic, luxurious, comprehensive, and affordable journeys available. Previous guests will tell you that no other retreat center has the energy of Willka T’ika and offers a fully-inclusive, cultural, spiritual, and truly magical journey.

Private Family & Friends Small Group Tours

Willka T’ika offers exclusive private cultural tours and wellness programs for small family gatherings or groups of solo travelers. See sample itinerary here. Speak to our USA Reservations Office and let them know what you are looking for. They will be delighted to design a special program focusing on your needs and interests.

Our meticulously planned programs are based at Willka T’ika and visit Cusco, Pisaq, Sacred Valley sites, and Machu Picchu, and we are happy to customize them to your needs. Tour programs include safe and reliable group transport, an excellent professional guide who accompanies the group on all outings to the sacred sites, delicious organic vegetarian meals at Willka T’ika, one or two nights in Cusco, and a full day or overnight at Machu Picchu.

Choose which activities best fit the interests and ages of your group, and whether you would like garden or luxury accommodations at Willka T’ika. Leave the logistics to us: your customized program will include tourist train and entrance tickets to Machu Picchu and all the ancient sites.

Enjoy traditional Andean Ceremonies, a coca-leaf reading, and a tour of the Seven Chakra Gardens. Other options include hiking, guided walking tours of the traditional local markets, and a visit to one of the Quechua mountain community schools, where an ayni (reciprocal exchange) project is available. You can also include nearby activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, ziplining, or river rafting adventures.

Relax and rejuvenate with our full Andean spa services, as well as our two yoga studios, where we can arrange a reputable local yoga teacher to teach sessions geared to your group’s skill and interest level.

Join us at Willka T’ika for your journey to the ancient sites and fascinating culture of Peru, for the perfect, cost-effective Peru experience.

We also offer international tours.

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