Wellness Retreat Healing – Like no place on earth

There is no place on earth like WillKa Tika. It is a spiritual center, a healing source, a paradise for insects, birds, and such. As a seasoned traveler, I would say WT is truly one of a kind!

First day here, I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland. The 7 sacred gardens brought me tremendous energy and relaxation simultaneously. A week later, I was still marveled by the blooms and busy humming birds all around. My room Waka was spacious and comfortable. My bed was clean and warm every night (you will know how when you get there). Food we ate was straight out of the gardens. I am a picky eater but I asked for a second plate at almost every meal.

My one-week retreat was a life changing experience. Every activity in the program was designed carefully and executed precisely. You must try the medicinal solar bath and massage. Spoiler warning, be prepared to be spoiled. I have never felt so focused and energized. I took the beautiful memories of WT home with me. I found myself thinking of WT whenever I was stressed or discouraged. My heart has been stamped and purified by WT.

WillKa Tika exceeded my expectations and I found what I was looking for at Willka Tika. I hope you will feel the same during your stay.

~ Amber Sun, October 2023