Young Woman’s Scholarship Fund

Young Woman’s Scholarship Fund

One year ago the Willka T’ika Children’s Fund launched the “Young Women’s Scholarship Fund” to support Quechua women from remote mountain communities in Peru’s Sacred Valley so that they can pursue their dreams of higher education. All candidates will be the first in their families to attend university!

One of our students, Yashira (seen above with Program Manager Karina Huanca Castillo and Director Terry Cumes) has already graduated with her Accounting Degree. ¡Felicidades Yashira!

To help, please make a donation to our Willka T’ika Children’s Fund programs, including the Young Women’s Scholarship Fund. Donations will be used to fully fund these young women’s tuition, offering each $1000 year, as well as additional support for room and board, transportation to/from their communities, books and school supplies and internet access, and overall will support the mission of the Willka T’ika Children’s Fund.

Thank you for your kind and caring support!

Check out the video of our one year anniversary, August 2023.