John & Lorena

Our trip to Willka Tika was one of the most incredible trips of our life! It was the perfect blend of wellness and serenity, with the added rush of adventure to whatever degree one chooses. The access to sacred and historical Inca and other cultural sites nearby including Machu Picchu was unprecedented relative to any place we’ve ever traveled. Some very cool historical sites such as the salt mines near enough to hike and/or bike to.! Our hosts, Terry and Tristen, were the best! Extremely generous with their time and access to their beautiful gardens and amazing site grown organic foods! Everything you need is provided at Willka Tika, and it was enticing to simply stay there and book a massage or read and relax the day away, as we enjoyed the spacious and impeccably kept indoor and outdoor areas. Don’t miss out on the midnight dip in the outdoor baths!! 🙂 We can’t wait to return and bring more family and friends to continue explore more of this amazing and beautiful area!