Willka T’ika

Personalized Wellness Journey

Discover Optimal,
Holistic Health

Willka T’ika is an ideal luxury retreat destination for solo travelers focused on wellness. Our experienced staff will guide you in creating a personalized wellness experience designed to achieve your holistic goals. Home to the world-renowned Seven Chakra Gardens, Willka T’ika’ invites you to reconnect with Pachamama and the wisdom of nature as you experience radical self-care. The following prYour wellness journey includes Therapeutic spa treatments, nature-based activities, yoga among the flowers, meditation and mindfulness practices, handmade essential oil blends, fresh juices, organic, vegetarian farm-to-table meals from the garden and powerful Andean ceremonies are some of the possibilities for your personal wellness journey . Enjoy the company of like-minded travelers as you discovery your best self.


Return to Eden

Meditate in Willka T’ika’s world-renowned 7 Chakra Gardens. Spend the afternoon reading, journaling or simply reflecting amongst the flowers and herbs.


Deepen your yoga practice under the shade of a 1000-year-old Lucuma tree or in one of the sun-drenched yoga shalas.

Ceremonial Practices

Explore traditional Andean practices including a sweat lodge ceremony and medicinal plunge pools. Enjoy a coca leaf readings from Layka, a traditional Andean healer. Her insights have been called “soul-revealing,” and we know you will benefit from her guidance.

Floral Baths

Soak under the stars in our Solar Andean Flower Baths full of aromatic blossoms from the Willka T’ika gardens.

Manifest your highest level of physical, mental and spiritual wellness…


Cleanse your body and soul with organic, vegetarian, farm-to-table cuisine and fresh herbal teas. Our chefs harvest local vegetables, herbs, and flowers for every meal from the Willka T’ika gardens.

Andean Spa

Restore yourself with therapeutic spa treatments, including Andean massage, crystal bed treatment, aromatherapy, reflexology and hydrosol blends. Willka T’ika’s plant medicine expert offers personal consultation tailored to your health and wellness.

Breathtaking Hikes

As the morning sun rises over the Andean peaks, hike among the stunning secrets of the Incan world, including the Sun Temple of P’isaq and the Salt Mines of Maras.

Wonder of the World

Enjoy a day trip to the World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu. Willka T’ika’s location provides ideal access for your adventure.

Local Artisans

Take an afternoon to explore nearby local Andean craft markets, where you’ll find alpaca textiles, handmade jewelry, and traditional crafts from local artisans.


“Perfect for a Soul-Reviving Detox”