Favorite Place to Be!

"I wanted to share how your gardens and staff have had such a positive impact on us. The atmosphere and spirit there is the best I’ve experienced anywhere else on earth. It is my favorite place to be. There is so much life and peace there. You have captured the true spirit of the land. I am so honored to have met you and to experience your beautiful creation. Thank you so much. I will tell anyone going to Peru that their trip wouldn’t be complete without experiencing Willka Tika! " -- Michelle & Cory Bille, December 2018

Anton Mackey & Amy Solara, Owners of Anton Yoga, AZ--December 2018

"For the past 4 years we’ve led life-changing yoga retreats to Willka Tika in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Willka Tika is the quintessential set and setting to experience authentic Andean culture while diving deeper into yoga practice. It is a Yogi's dream, with Chakra Meditation Gardens, inspiring practice spaces and world class healthy and conscious dining. It is the perfect take off point for excursions and exploration into the surrounding sacred Inkan sites. Best of all, however, is the loving and kind staff of Willka Tika who make you feel at home. " -- Anton Mackey & Amy Solara, AZ - December 2018

Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine, November 2018

" After visiting and scouting many retreats around the world over the past 23yrs of teaching, Willka T’ika is now among the top of our list. The attention to detail, incredible staff and amazing food is just the beginning. The facilities are spectacular, a well planned yoga space and their ability to seamlessly support our large group is beyond words. I highly recommend it. " --  Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine, November 2018

Magical Retreat

"This is a magical retreat, with the best garden I have ever seen.  The rooms are phenomenal, the staff are so attentive and the food is the best I've had.  I cannot recommend Willka T'ika highly enough! " -- Mitzi Hazel Tizon, December 2018

It's simply "INCREDIBLE"

" This was my third stay at Willka T'ika. Every stay is special. As you will no doubt read from other reviews, the space is indeed special. I think it's pretty incredible in the following ways:  Incredible Team: Livio and his team are incredible. I honestly don't know that I've met a more loving, humble, kind soul than Livio. He embodies the love that is found in the Sacred Valley and the kind energy found at Willka T'ika. The staff is helpful in so many ways that the only thing I can encourage is for you to go and experience this for yourself.  Incredible Space: From the buildings to the gardens, each seems to "fit" right into the landscape. The 7 different gardens are each manicured with love and offer a quiet place to simply be present. From the sound of the chirping birds, to the sound of silence, you realize that this is a special place in the mountains.   Incredible Rooms: First, know that each room is different. Different sizes, configurations, bathrooms, and decor make each room special in its own way. Beds are comfortable, and it has all of the amenities you need.   Incredible Food: I take groups to Willka T'ika and I explain that the vegetarian food will have flavors that many have yet to experience. And, when people try the food for the first time, they thank me. They describe it as incredibly flavorful, filling yet light, and pleasing to their bodies. Blend this with the custom herbal tea created by the staff, and your body finds a happy place that it may not have experienced to date.   Every time I visit, I can't wait to find a way back. I've stayed at other places in the Sacred Valley, though I've not yet found anything as special or relaxing as Willka T'ika. Check it out for yourself.   If I could give it 10 stars, I would... it's that unique and incredible. April 2018   " -- YetAnotherTraveler

Five Star Soul

"Willka T’ika is a five star hotel in Soul. When staying at Willka T'ika you will receive, receive and receive. The staff gives you quiet yet loving tending. The Chakra Gardens  and the Lucuma tree, offer constant love, tranquility and containment. The Andean  massage therapists provide loving and peaceful SPA treatments. You will receive healthy and nurturing meals tailored to your needs. I love bringing groups to Willka T’ika so I can share the abundance of loving tenderness, and the kindness that Willka T’ika provides. It is a perfect place for a spiritually integrative retreat. Thank you, Carol, for creating Heaven on Earth in the Sacred Valley of Peru.   " -- Dr. Annamarie Fidel-Rice 2018

How Enjoyable!

"I just wanted to let you know how enjoyable my stay at Willka Tika was and how truly helpful the WT staff was to me as a solo traveller....Thank you Willka Tika, and I will be returning! " -- Shamara, June 2017

Truly Beyond Words

""Our experience in Peru was phenomenal and Willka T'ika was simply stunning. It was truly beyond words. I will absolutely be returning...." " -- Owner Sara Yoga, USA, May 2018

Willka T'ika Felt Like Home

""Thank you for creating such a special magical place. It is clear how much love has gone into Willka T'ika. We were so amazed by the attention to detail of every part of our yoga retreat. Your staff made us feel like family. Willka T'ika has felt like home—for us, one of the most difficult places to leave at the end of the retreat. Thank you for your humble generosity and your beautiful soul, Carol. We hope to find our way back to Wilka T'ika very, very soon. With so much love & gratitude!"   " -- Kelly, Nazli & Alicia Roaming Yoga May 2017

Magical Place to Recharge & Heal

"Every year I choose a new yoga retreat to unplug from teaching Yoga and more all year long!  I chose Willka T'ika because of a good feeling when I checked out the Web Site.  I felt blessed and very amazed by the chakras gardens and the beauty of the place.  I truly felt inspired and had spiritual experiences during my stay. The meals were amazing and the staff was always ready to help for anything and accommodating. They added care and little touches of love here and there whether through a warm smile or kindnesses like a warm bed-bottle at night for our feet after a day of hiking! Since I have been back, I have spoken of Willka T'ika in all of my classes and highly recommended it. Willka T'ika is a Magical place to recharge, transform and heal! And it was a treat to meet Carol who created Willka T'ika. Thank you Carol! Thank you for your efforts and undying vision and your work with the education of the children. I will be back! " -- Dec 2016 Adrienne Blenderman ERYT 500