Five Star Soul

"Willka T’ika is a five star hotel in Soul. When staying at Willka T'ika you will receive, receive and receive. The staff gives you quiet yet loving tending. The Chakra Gardens  and the Lucuma tree, offer constant love, tranquility and containment. The Andean  massage therapists provide loving and peaceful SPA treatments. You will receive healthy and nurturing meals tailored to your needs. I love bringing groups to Willka T’ika so I can share the abundance of loving tenderness, and the kindness that Willka T’ika provides. It is a perfect place for a spiritually integrative retreat. Thank you, Carol, for creating Heaven on Earth in the Sacred Valley of Peru.   " -- Dr. Annamarie Fidel-Rice 2018

How Enjoyable!

"I just wanted to let you know how enjoyable my stay at Willka Tika was and how truly helpful the WT staff was to me as a solo traveller....Thank you Willka Tika, and I will be returning! " -- Shamara, June 2017

Truly Beyond Words

""Our experience in Peru was phenomenal and Willka T'ika was simply stunning. It was truly beyond words. I will absolutely be returning...." " -- Owner Sara Yoga, USA, May 2018

Willka T'ika Felt Like Home

""Thank you for creating such a special magical place. It is clear how much love has gone into Willka T'ika. We were so amazed by the attention to detail of every part of our yoga retreat. Your staff made us feel like family. Willka T'ika has felt like home—for us, one of the most difficult places to leave at the end of the retreat. Thank you for your humble generosity and your beautiful soul, Carol. We hope to find our way back to Wilka T'ika very, very soon. With so much love & gratitude!"   " -- Kelly, Nazli & Alicia Roaming Yoga May 2017

Magical Place to Recharge & Heal

"Every year I choose a new yoga retreat to unplug from teaching Yoga and more all year long!  I chose Willka T'ika because of a good feeling when I checked out the Web Site.  I felt blessed and very amazed by the chakras gardens and the beauty of the place.  I truly felt inspired and had spiritual experiences during my stay. The meals were amazing and the staff was always ready to help for anything and accommodating. They added care and little touches of love here and there whether through a warm smile or kindnesses like a warm bed-bottle at night for our feet after a day of hiking! Since I have been back, I have spoken of Willka T'ika in all of my classes and highly recommended it. Willka T'ika is a Magical place to recharge, transform and heal! And it was a treat to meet Carol who created Willka T'ika. Thank you Carol! Thank you for your efforts and undying vision and your work with the education of the children. I will be back! " -- Dec 2016 Adrienne Blenderman ERYT 500

Bridge between the Sacred and Physical

"Carol has created a place where one can feel their soul and commune with the sacred. I have always been told that I walk between worlds. The other side has always been much more real to me than this physical realm side. I have never been able to accurately describe what the other side feels like or looks like, until I entered Willka Tika. Everything from the Lucuma Tree to the lovely people who care for all that Willka Tika is. Carol has managed to create a bridge between what is the sacred and what is the physical. A safe place where one can go, seek clarity, understanding and healing on any level. Carol has created a bridge or gateway. As soon as you enter the gates it feels as if you are walking between the two worlds. Willka Tika is a place of Profound healing, body, mind and spirit. A place where you can attain a deeper understanding of the soul and spiritual growth. It could be a trek to get there, but aren't all spiritual journeys this way?  " -- Billee Burchett – Spritual Healer and Seer

Willka Tika: Love, Wisdom & Creativity

"Willka T’ika is a beautiful expression of Love, Wisdom & Creativity.  Carol, your devotion and passion in materializing this space are very apparent, and appreciated.  The gardens, the staff, the meals, the teas…Thank you deeply.  The natural proclivity of the Willka T’ika experience to promote wellness and balance is quite exceptional.  We brought home a small taste of Willka T’ika with your cookbook and have enjoyed some of it’s great recipes already.  We are truly grateful, Thank You for sharing this space! " -- Thomas Roy, November 2016

A "Power Spot" for Emerging Transformation towards Higher Consciousness

"“Willka T’ika is one of the “power spots” on the planet for the emerging transformation toward higher consciousness. And because of the unique pre-Inkan Lucuma Tree that Carol encountered, and the powerful Chakra Gardens she created over two decades, Carol has manifested a lens through which this transformative energy becomes focused. There is no better spot in the Sacred Valley to open yourself to the wisdom of the ancient Quechua-speaking people, their rich cosmology, and healing vibrations of the Andean medicinal plants and flowers. No other retreat center can offer anything like it. Just being in the Gardens at Willka T’ika engenders a sense of well-being and spiritual balance. It is an energetic healing center, where guests doing deep inner work can come to reflect on and integrate their experiences. There, guests encounter a place to connect with the intelligence of Nature and Her healing powers. Many of the guests have experienced this, and have noted the Garden’s significance in their personal healing and inner work as they navigate the realms opened by Pachamama.“ " -- Dennis J. McKenna Ph.D. Director of Ethnopharmacology, Heffter Research Institute Assistant Professor, Center for Spirituality and Healing, University of Minnesota CSO, Symbio Life Sciences, Inc.

The Magic of Willka T'ika

""I came to Willka T'ika through an amazing series of synchronicities.  I was at a crossroads in my life, and it was time to take a deep look at who I was and where I was going. I was hoping to make a greater peace with the past, unleash a greater creativity in the present, and proceed with a greater intention and discipline into the future.  I needed the right time and the right space to let go, sort out, and reconfigure.  At Willka T’ika I found what I was looking for...and then some!  Amidst the glory of your visionary gardens I felt the unconditional love of the natural world wash me clean and was able to accept my place in the universe for maybe the first time ever.  I got a chance to have all my family past and present come before me in vision and  I had the opportunity to say “Thank you” and “ I love you” to each and every one of them… and then let them be free! I saw my life in such a penetratingly beneficent light that I knew for the first time in a long while that I was on the right path and could see a little farther up ahead than I could before.  I could go on and on, but the words lose their meaning after a while. Suffice it to say that two years later I am still running on the juice I got at Willka T’ika and I’ve been manifesting like mad. Like I got new batteries at age 44… Willka T’ika demonstrates what can be created out of a spirit of love, diligence, humility, reciprocity and the power of intuition.  To some degree we become what we behold, and like an alchemical mirror, this place is a model of harmony and grace that allows you to imagine a better version of yourself. You can grow a bit. Change a little. Move slightly closer towards wholeness. Take that first tentative step that will lead to true, foundational healing. We all know that new growth is a tender and delicate thing, requiring care and support to take root, and this beautiful retreat acts as a gentle scaffold, assisting the evolution of the self to a slightly higher vibration. Once again, language fails to do it justice but believe me when I tell you there is palpable magic going on in the gardens of Willka T’ika… The chakra gardens present a three dimensional model of the interior world, where spiraling strolls and peaceful meditations in secluded nooks and crannies give the visitor time and space in which to quietly explore and understand the subtle nuances and the awesome potential of the mind, body. And soul… The thousand year-old Lucuma tree stands strong, a wizened old witness to the last millennia, grounding the entire property and all visitors even when not in sight. You feel  her/his  presence all the time and it allows you to breathe a little easier, even in moments of anxiety and trepidation… The delicious (and gorgeous!) food nourishes the body and spirit and invites a return to simplicity and purity. I definitely re-aligned my diet on my return home based on how I felt after dining for a week at Willka T’ika… The amazing staff that cares for you like family. The artistic outpouring that informs every last detail of the buildings, rooms, and accommodations. The Mountains and the Valley. The people of Peru. The traditional belief systems and the spirit of Ayni that seems a part of the land itself.  There is a lot of good going on here and it is impossible to leave Willka T’ika without taking a bit of it with you. Thanks for creating this place and letting wonderful things happen here Carol. Kisses." " -- Adam Wegner - Musician, Returning guest

Blanket of Peacefulness

"We had such a wonderful time at Willka T'ika.   Honestly we are all still in a warm and cozy blanket of peacefulness from our time there.  Thank you for creating such a beautiful, spirit filled place and for sharing it with us.  This was my 10th Yoga Vacation and I have never returned so rested and relaxed.  With everything taken care of it was completely relaxing for me.  Thank you.  It was a lifetime journey for me to visit Peru - and now I know we'll be back again and again!     " -- Mary Ellen Goodsir, Sept 2016 Owner, Yoga Moves, MA