Rodney Yee - Yoga Teacher. Oakland, California

"Willka T'ika is a paradise that allows you to slip into the Peruvian culture with a deep ahhh! The gardens, the staff and the owner Carol Cumes are exquisite like the unexplainable walls of Machu Picchu. It feels so right to stay in a guesthouse retreat that supports the local community, that promotes organic sustainable farming and that nourishes its guests with the wisdom of Peru. Thank you. " -- Rodney YeeYoga Teacher Oakland, California

Thomas Fortel – Essalen Institute. Big Sur, California

"This has been one of the best experiences of my life. Om Namah Sivayah. This is my first visit and I feel the beginning of a special and new relationship. The physical environment of Willka T’ika  is so beautiful and amazing and a great setting for our practice. I loved the combination of gardens, sacred hikes through ancient terrains and the wisdom of Inkan spirituality. This all has made a huge impact on me and I look forward to many more visits and pilgrimages. " -- Thomas Fortel Esalen InstituteBig Sur, California