Carol Cumes & History

Carol Cumes is the founder and owner of Willka T'ika.  The Quechua name "Willka T'ika" means sacred flower.

The Creation of Willka T'ika by Carol Cumes

"I first visited the Sacred Valley in the 80's and was so captivated by the powerful healing energy that I continued to return year after year.  In 1994, I decided to purchase a barren strip of land where Willka T’ika now stands.  As a longtime yoga practitioner, I wanted to create a retreat center synergizing Andean culture and cosmology with yoga philosophy and lifestyle. Over the next two decades,  I cultivated long term, meaningful and fruitful relationships with authentic native healers and sincere knowledgeable local guides. Integrating their genuine services, I  pioneered and developed our renowned fully inclusive magical journey retreats and uniquely comprehensive program itineraries.  More recently, I am focused on taking Willka Tika to its next level, establishing it as a "conscious tampu" (tampu is a spiritual resting place to the Inkan people) and genuine Center of Wellness.  Specially designed wellness programs are available to reserve in 2017 for spiritually conscious group leaders and wellness practitioners, as well as for single travelers, families and friends traveling on their own.

After two decades of trusting Pachamama’s guidance, and complete dedication to Wellness, Willka T’ika is ready to shift to a higher level of consciousness and fully focus on its healing potential.  Pachamama has helped me to create a most nourishing and revitalizing wellness center in the Sacred Valley that is infused with the abundantly healing potent energy of its rich Chakra Gardens. We are ready to now assist guests to receive the profound wellness they seek in specially designed Wellness programs.   An amazing array of highly experienced and authentic Qero and Quechua healers will bring authentic ceremonies to each program, and Andean specialists in the healing arts are ready to offer our guests their nurturing services to support optimal wellness."

Building Willka T'ika

Over two decades, Carol and her team of local Quechua farming neighbors designed and constructed the grounds, guest rooms, gardens, ceremonial spaces, and gathering spots that have become Willka Tika.

While the first buildings were completed, Carol began developing the entirely organic gardens. The land was cleared and rocks unearthed by hand. Giant natural boulders were left to decorate the gardens, while smaller stones were used in building construction. Compost heaps turned kitchen waste and garden cuttings into rich soil. Manure was brought on donkey trains from far-off mountain communities. Adobe mud bricks, which keep rooms warm on cool Andean nights and pleasant during the hot sunny days, were made on-site and baked in the sun alongside wood that was carved into doors, floors, windows and original furniture that fills guest cottages today. Giant septic tanks were built, as well as large storage tanks to collect Willka T’ika’s weekly allotment of mountain water from the local water cooperative. 

Gradually the buildings and gardens took shape and the once overworked, rock-filled land regained its health. Plants flourished, birds and insects arrived, and nature, with its timeless wisdom, took over. Today, throughout the gardens, butterflies and bees can be seen visiting brilliant flowers. Dozens of birds, including more than eight species of hummingbird and other vibrant nectar gatherers, make the grounds their home.

Willka T’ika is an example of land revitalization made possible through cooperation with and giving back to Nature.