Seasonal Weather & Altitude

March through December are excellent months for an Andean adventure. The weather is mild and pleasant. Daytime temperatures through the year average in the 70s°F, while nighttime low temperatures average in the low 40s°F in winter and mid 50s°F in summer. 

March through May (the Andean fall months) are sunny and the mountains and fields are beautifully green. Soft rains may fall at night in February & March. 

June through August (the winter months) are sunny and dry. After sunset, it gets cold enough for a sweater or jacket. Frost occurs only rarely.

September through November (the lovely Andean spring months) see warmer nights. Soft rains at night may begin in November.

In December, summer vegetables and fruits ripen, and the Willka T'ika garden is in full bloom. Rains, if they come, are over quickly. January marks the beginning of the summer rainy season. Mornings are often clear and dry, and the rains arrive in the afternoon and continue through the night. 

Be prepared for relatively high elevations. Approximate elevations above sea-level: Willka T'ika's 9,420 feet, Cusco's 11,150 feet, Machu Picchu 7,800 feet.