A Spiritual Wellness Retreat

Awaken in the Andes

Willka T’ika is unparalleled as a place for retreat, wellness and renewal in Peru. Guests feel nurtured in an environment of natural beauty designed to awaken body, mind and soul.  Willka Tika is the Sacred Valley's original yoga center, and is like no other retreat in the regioin; once at Wilka Tika, "guests never wish to leave."  Wilka Tika is a special sanctuary that offers outstanding amenities: organic vegetarian cuisine, prepared with love by Quechua staff, that nourishes the body; Andean healing sessions and therapies that treat the body and mind; the tranquil grounds, filled with flowers, invite quiet contemplation and relaxation; a thousand-year-old Lucuma tree offers profound meditation and ancestral connections; the seven chakra gardens nourish the seven major chakras of the human body and "open the senses of the soul."

Throughout the year, Q’ero healers who follow the authentic ancient traditions come to Willka T’ika from their village at 16,000 feet elevation to make special offerings to the earth, Pachamama, and to keep the energies of Willka T’ika in balance. Registered guests and participants in all-inclusive Journey to Machu Picchu & Wellness programs are welcome to enjoy the transformational energies of Willka T'ika.

"Willka T'ika" in Quechua, means "sacred flower."  Willka T'ika's logo was respectfully and lovingly created by Christina Chaya, and it has a special meaning and relationship with Andean cosmology and spirituality: "The symbology behind the logo is the chakana, the Andean cross embodying all Andean cosmology.  The white space in the middle resembling a tear-drop is the shape of the fruit of the Lucuma tree, the waka (ceremonial place) or mallku (ancient wise ancestor) of Willka T'ika.  The leaves spiraling represent the important spiral garden of the Seven Chakra Gardens and in the center, is the Willka T'ika flower itself, k'antu, the sacred flower of the Inka."