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Awaken – Peru Retreat with Dr. Stanzie Langtree

March 2 - March 9

Join Dr. Stanzie Langtree for a truly transformation retreat experience in Peru’s Sacred Valley in 2024!

This retreat is unique because it combines the powerful energy of Peru with the transformative Energetic Alignments. The Energetic Alignment is a powerful transmission of energy that awakens your kundalini energy & aligns your chakras. Once activated, this energy rapidly moves through your spine…rewiring your body back into balance. This leads to spontaneous physical healing, emotional release & a spiritual awakening.

When the energy is awakened, it is possible to have spontaneous movement, emotional release, insights, experiences of bliss, and profound realizations. Combined with the powerful activations in the sacred land of Peru, Shamanic ceremonies, breathwork, and other spiritual practices…

This retreat will give lasting positive results for your health, well-being and life! You will go forward Aligned with your true self, Energized, and Living your Best Life!

Dr. Stanzie discovered spirituality in childhood and first explored the healing arts through yoga. She has studied and taught yoga for the past 18 years… including in India.

She continued the healing path by becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic with a Masters in Exercise Science. During her chiropractic practice in Portland, Oregon, she discovered her healing gifts to awaken kundalini energy and to help people heal on a deeper level.

She developed the Energetic Alignment, and since then, she has offered her modality worldwide. She has been doing this work for 10 years with thousands of people, and she has worked on many celebrities and leaders across the globe, including Tony Robbins.

Dr. Stanzie’s Credentials:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Masters in Exercise Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Master-E Network Spinal Chiropractor
  • Yoga Teacher for 18 years
  • Practicing Chiropractic & Energy Work for 11 years
  • Founder of the Energetic Alignment in 2017
  • Toured multiple times through the USA and globally including… NYC, Miami, L.A, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Mt. Shasta, Portland, Charlotte, Sedona, Connecticut, Australia, Fiji, Bali, Hawaii, Egypt, England, Portugal, France, Brazil, & India… and more!

Dr. Stanzie is also an accomplished musician. You can find her inspirational music on all platforms.

For more detailed info, itinerary and to register, please go to: https://stanzielangtree.com/pages/awaken-peru


March 2
March 9