What we found was a place of heart-felt tranquility, balance and spirituality, where one’s practice of yoga felt more “connected”; connected to the heart and its peoples came to us through our guide, provided by the Magical Journey. I …read more
Cathy and Gary Graham Anasura Yoga Group
Carol connects with the positive forces in nature, in people, animals, food, flowers, and the land itself. The yoga space she has created is uplifting and fulfills its promise to those who learn and teach.…read more
The Late Mary Dunn Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Love Love Love. It manifests through the Pachamama, the people, the food, and the rooms. Willka T’ika is a blessing of love.…read more
Gary Palisch
I haven’t done yoga, I am not a vegetarian, not many hours of my nearly 65 years have been spent in gardens, and Machu Picchu was not accessible. Yet, after a glorious week at Willka T’ika, I am excited about yoga, I have thoroughly enjoyed …read more
Bill Germer
I have a passion for travel and Peru and especially Willka T’ika, (Carol, guides and staff) is the most beautiful place I have ever visited on earth. The place the people, the food and the spirituality have far exceeded any expectations I had! I …read more
Stephanie Yewcic
It is impossible to describe the breadth and depth of my experience at Willka T’ika. I believe that the spirit never dies and Carol’s work of art in Willka T’ika is living proof that the Spirits of Pachamama live within her and get pa …read more
Larry W Thomas
Willka T’ika is the perfect setting for discovering the breathtaking beauty, powerful history and remarkable culture of the Andes. The accommodation and gardens Carol and her delightful Andean staff have created are beyond description- out first …read more
Kay Kamas andJim Porter
WOW! The most lush, beautiful luxury retreat guesthouse I have ever had the awesome pleasure to experience. Carol and staff made me feel like family and stopped at nothing to accommodate me! I am most grateful for this delightful garden sanctuary in th …read more
Karyn Van Name
Are there words that can truly describe the wonder and beauty of the amazing Willka T’ika? I can’t imagine how our trip could have been made any better. You all took such care of us, personally bringing herbal medicinal teas when we were si …read more
Nancy and Jim
It goes without saying I fell in love with this place the moment I set foot inside. The food, the staff, the gorgeous surroundings, the aroma of the gardens, the solar baths, the body massage… There’s no end!Thank you so much for this wonde …read more
Marcia Pera


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