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Journey to Peru and Shamanism with Gogi Abroad

June 15 - June 29

Liz Jackson, founder of Gogi Abroad, and Marianna invite you to join them on a pilgrimage to the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca in Peru.

This is an opportunity for those seeking spiritual exploration and transformation. This is no standard tour. We will build a small Ayllu (group/community), for a fifteen-day life-changing expedition into the heart of the Andes with Gogi’s founder, a renowned spiritual guide, and two revered local Paqos (Shamans/healers).

We will follow an itinerary choreographed to embrace ancient wisdom and a new way of being. We will explore the culture and spirituality of the sacred Apus/Andes mountains, and reclaim the path to becoming more whole as we travel to the most profound regions of Peru.

This trip is designed for those who wish to serve their local communities and the global community within a paradigm of love, integrity, and balance; who seek improved health and well-being; and who crave transformation of body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul. This journey is for those who want a cultural and spiritual experience and to connect with like-minded souls, who enjoy meditation and ceremonies as well as being open to a new culture. This is not a typical tourist trip.

For more detailed info and to register for this event, go to: https://gogiabroad.com/upcoming-trips/2018/3/30/peru


June 15
June 29