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Unveiling Light Within Darkness: A Peru Shadow Work Retreat

June 22 - June 29

Join Mariona Riera for this special transformative fully-inclusive retreat journey in Peru’s Sacred Valley! Welcome to a retreat that is not just about facing darkness, but about discovering the brilliance that emerges from its depths.

Guided by seasoned facilitators, this retreat is an exploration of the hidden aspects of your being, a sacred journey into the shadows where profound healing and self-empowerment await. Illuminated by self-reflection, therapeutic practices, and the support of a nurturing community, this retreat invites you to confront, embrace, and ultimately transcend the shadows, revealing the luminous light within.

Find inspiration, refreshment, revitalization, and a wonderful connection to Mother Nature through our home base of Willka T’ika, and its peaceful energy and mystical surroundings. Located in one of the most energetically charged places on earth, our goal is to facilitate mind, body, and spirit connection.

Mariona Riera is an accomplished international Life Coach, Mediator, and the founder of Mindful Matters, a group dedicated to sharing the gifts of mindfulness with individuals and organizations around the world. Mariona’s work draws upon her deep life experiences and her expertise as an Integrative Health Coach, Positive Psychology practitioner, Yoga instructor & Meditation teacher. Originally from Barcelona, she’s lived in Asia, Europe & USA, speaks Spanish, English, French and Greek and currently lives in CT with her family.

For more detailed info and to register for this event, go to: https://mailchi.mp/44915e0d01d5/machu-picchu-retreat-discover-tranquility-transformation-and-adventure-in-perus-sacred-beauty


June 22
June 29