We had such a wonderful time at Willka T’ika. Honestly we are all still in a warm and cozy blanket of peacefulness from our time there. Thank you for creating such a beautiful, spirit filled place and for sharing it with us. This was my 10th Yoga …read more
Mary Ellen Goodsir, Sept 2016 Owner, Yoga Moves, MA
I came to Willka T’ika through an amazing series of synchronicities. I was at a crossroads in my life, and it was time to take a deep look at who I was and where I was going. I was hoping to make a greater peace with the past, unleash a greater c …read more
Adam Wegner
Musician, Returning guest
Willka T’ika is a beautiful expression of Love, Wisdom & Creativity. Carol, your devotion and passion in materializing this space are very apparent, and appreciated. The gardens, the staff, the meals, the teas…Thank you deeply. The natural …read more
Thomas Roy, November 2016
Carol has created aplace where one can feel their soul and commune with the sacred. I have always been told that I walk between worlds. The other side has always been much more real to me than this physical realm side. I have never been able to accurat …read more
Billee Burchett
– Spritual Healer and Seer
Every year I choose a new yoga retreat to unplug from teaching Yoga and more all year long! I chose Willka T’ika because of a good feeling when I checked out the Web Site. I felt blessed and very amazed by the chakras gardens and the beauty of th …read more
Adrienne Blenderman ERYT 500, Dec 2016
Thank you for creating such a special magical place. It is clear how much love has gone into Willka T’ika. We were so amazed by the attention to detail of every part of our yoga retreat. Your staff made us feel like family. Willka T’ika has …read more
Kelly, Nazli & Alicia Roaming Yoga May 2017
Our experience in Peru was phenomenal and Willka T’ika was simply stunning. It was truly beyond words. I will absolutely be returning. . . .…read more
Owner Sara Yoga, USA, May 2018
I just wanted to let you know how enjoyable my stay at Willka T’ika was and how truly helpful the WT staff was to me as a solo traveller. . . . Thank you Willka T’ika, and I will be returning!…read more
Shamara, June 2017
Willka T’ika is a five star hotel in Soul. When staying at Willka T’ika you will receive, receive and receive. The staff gives you quiet yet loving tending. The Chakra Gardens and the Lucuma tree, offer constant love, tranquility and contai …read more
Dr. Annamarie Fidel-Rice 2018
This was my third stay at Willka T’ika. Every stay is special. As you will no doubt read from other reviews, the space is indeed special. I think it’s pretty incredible in the following ways: Incredible Team: Livio and his team are incredib …read more
YetAnotherTraveler, April 2018


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