Adrienne Blenderman ERYT 500, Dec 2016

Every year I choose a new yoga retreat to unplug from teaching Yoga and more all year long! I chose Willka T’ika because of a good feeling when I checked out the Web Site. I felt blessed and very amazed by the chakras gardens and the beauty of the place. I truly felt inspired and had spiritual experiences during my stay. The meals were amazing and the staff was always ready to help for anything and accommodating. They added care and little touches of love here and there whether through a warm smile or kindnesses like a warm bed-bottle at night for our feet after a day of hiking! Since I have been back, I have spoken of Willka T’ika in all of my classes and highly recommended it. Willka T’ika is a Magical place to recharge, transform and heal! And it was a treat to meet Carol who created Willka T’ika. Thank you Carol! Thank you for your efforts and undying vision and your work with the education of the children. I will be back!