Andean Lore & the Lucuma Tree

Andean Lore & the Lucuma Tree

In Inkan lore, the Lucuma tree encompasses the three worlds of ancient Andean cosmology. The trunk represents kaypacha, the world of humans, plants and animals, a place of action and interaction, of cause and effect that shapes our lives. The roots represent ukhupacha, the inner world of wisdom and experience. The leaves and branches reach into hanakpacha, the upper world of spirit, of creative ideas and inspiration. All three interconnected realms create the world we live in.


Having awakened each energy center in the body, Amaru, the serpent goddess of the Inka, or kundalini energy, bursts through the crown energy center opening it to spiritual enlightenment. Unrestricted by previous patterns, we become linked with cosmic energy, eternal wisdom and boundless inspiration. Life fills with passion. Wisdom becomes profound. Insights are infinite.


We invite you to rejuvenate with Pachamama, Mother Earth, while meditating in Willka Tika’s Crown Chakra Garden with the ancient Lucuma Tree, and discover your personal path of healing and optimal well-being.
In the crown chakra garden, a thousand-year-old Lucuma Tree connects guests to the energy and wisdom of the ancient Incan civilization. The grassy area beneath the Lucuma Tree is a perfect place for meditation. Winding paths lead from one garden to the other, reminding us to slow down and enjoy the journey.

Group Retreat gathering in Chakra Gardens

Women’s group retreat under the Lucuma Tree in the Crown Chakra Garden


In the third-eye chakra garden, the Grand Spiral Walk helps you align with the powerful Sacred Valley energies. Walking the Spiral is an experience in releasing unwanted energies, as well as opening the third eye chakra to deeper intuition, higher reflection, greater awareness, and overall wellness.

The gardens heal and balance by encouraging a direct connection to the wisdom of Nature. Walk, meditate, write, paint, or simply relax in the chakra garden of your choice.

Willka T’ika’s Seven Chakra Gardens were a labor of love, which you can read more about in our founder Carol Cumes’ book Chakra Gardens: Opening the Senses of the Soul (see below).

Carol Cumes, is also the author of a book about Andean cosmology: Pachamama’s Children: Mother Earth and Her Children of the Andes in Peru