Essential Oils at Willka T’ika

Essential Oils at Willka T’ika

We are thrilled to announce that Willka T’ika is now selling 100% pure essential oils. Our essential oils are organically produced with plants grown organically in our Chakra Gardens. My mother Carol and our staff built our distillation machine a couple years ago but this is the first chance we have had to actually produce essential oils. Since March 18th, when the Quarantine was announced, we have been busy harvesting, preparing, and distilling several of our favorite plants and flowers.

Many of our guests have asked if they can purchase our newly distilled essential oils. The answer is “yes, but.” The but, of course, is shipping. As soon as we can travel we will bring some of these 100% pure oils with us and ship them right to you. Until then you are welcome to pre-order some for a debut price of $25 for 10ml and $50 for 30 ml (not including shipping). This special price will hold as long as our quarantine does, and the funds will help support our staff and their families. Currently we have eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, muña, and molle with more on the way. To reserve your order, please email: And for those of you who are new to essential oils, here are some rough guidelines to help you on your way:

Eucalyptus Leaves for Essential Oils

Moises Prepares Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus:   This powerful leaf is the talk of the town (of Urubamba) due to its respiratory benefits. Our staff can’t get enough of it and put a few drops in water each day to sanitize their kitchens. It is anti-inflammatory, pro-circulation, and relieves muscle pain so is a must for massage therapists. Try inhaling its aroma mixed with warm water to clear any signs of a cough. We are currently focusing on this oil to keep our lungs strong

Rosemary:   This edible plant grows everywhere at Willka T’ika. Its herbaceous aroma disinfects respiratory and sinus passages and moves circulation. It is excellent for energizing massages and mixes well with eucalyptus. It’s also a superb wound healer.

Lavender:   A very popular oil due to its fragrance and soothing qualities. Its floral scent is said to balance the nervous system, help headaches, and promote restful sleep. Very useful for skin ailments and is used as a carrier oil in France. This week we plan to ramp up our lavender production and also to mix its hydrosol (excess water) in our baths.

Muña. Extra potent wild muña grows in the nearby Pumahuanca valley and we have planted it all over our heart garden. This magical Andean mint is used for altitude sickness (sorroche). If you have to pick one scent to remind you of the Sacred Valley, this is it.

Oregano:   This spicy herb is a strong antiseptic and anti-infection agent. It can irritate the skin so best used diluted. We just planted a bunch so we will have some ready in August. Please pre-order if you want some as Antonia our jefa would rather use our oregano for cooking!

Ruda.   We give Ruda to all our guests when they leave to protect them on their journey. This pungent plant is used for cleaning energies, healing baths, and even for good luck. A drop of this powerful oil goes a long way so use it sparingly.

Molle Essential Oils

Florencio Preparing Molle for Distillation

Molle.   This is probably my favorite so far. It smells like sweet sunshine and the locals praise its curative benefits for the skin.

Basil.   I sacrificed a year of my beloved pesto to make one ounce of this oil. The fresh, sweet scent is uplifting and stimulating for the mind and digestion. Sorry, but we are all out for now. Give us a few more months to grow some more.

Geranium.   After rose oil, this is the most expensive oil and now I know why. We ran an entire vat of these flowers and only ended up with 10 ml. This rose-like scent is great for oily skin, PMS, and stress, and has antiviral and antifungal benefits. Good idea to blend this one.


Coming soon:

Calendula. (Marigold) Its warm aroma is anti-inflammatory and skin-healing.
Hierba Buena (Spearmint) is used for indigestion and great for baths.
Cedroncillo (Lemon Verbena) is my favorite garden tea. It’s also a good deodorizer, hair treatment, and antibacterial agent.
Manzanilla (Chamomile) is used in our herbal tea to relax and improve sleep. Quiet costly to produce.
Jasmine. Apparently, this is an aphrodisiac so we will be making it soon. Also very expensive.

Our oils are 100% pure and should be diluted with the carrier oil of your choice (coconut, sunflower, almond, etc.). For massage oil or ointments, the recommended amount is 50 drops per 4 ounces of carrier oil (120 ml). That is a standard 2-5% dilution. For a bath, put 10-15 drops in the tub.

Stay well!

Terry and Tristen

NB:  We are now using the hydrosol from the essential oil production for our healing baths.



Harvesting Muña

Roxana & Marta Harvesting Muña

Preparing Ruda for Essential Oil

Livio & Florencio Preparing Ruda

Ivan Producing Essential Oil from Ruda

Willka T’ika First Batch of Essential Oils