Intern at Willka T’ika!

Intern at Willka T’ika!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to intern at a Wellness Center like Willka T’ika?

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Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping in lush gardens;

Yoga and meditation practice whenever you feel inspired;

Organic farm-to-table vegetarian food prepared just for you;

Hikes to local Incan ruins and craft markets;

Meeting fascinating, blissed-out travelers!

Every week we receive messages from people interested in work, work-exchange, internships, or volunteer opportunities at Willka T’ika. We generally respond by explaining that we have a wonderful staff of 19 Quechua neighbors who have been working with us since 1995. In the tradition of the Andean principle of “ayni” or reciprocity everyone pitches in and helps with guest services, food preparation, housekeeping, gardening, and maintenance. As such, we have rarely needed outside help.

However, as we expand to attract more diverse individuals and groups from different countries, we are considering an internship program where people interested in Wellness and Hospitality can join our team for a short term project and contribute to the growth of our center.

Are you interested in spending 1-2 months working at Willka T’ika?

The potential and opportunity is unlimited as there is so much that can be accomplished with the right person. It really depends on your experience and interest.

Although we are open to other ways that you may be able to creatively contribute to Willka T’ika, we have four types of internships that we look to fill. See their outlines below.

Business Intern

This will be our 4th summer hosting undergraduate and MBA interns from top international Business Schools. Through hands-on work, Willka T’ika interns will help shape the functionality and culture of Willka T’ika while building fundamental business skills. Interns will be expected to help with a variety of off-hand tasks, but will focus on 4 key learning modules, described below. (Note: the following bullet points are actual projects undertaken by previous interns.)

          • Marketing 

                  ○ Promote Willka T’ika social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

                  ○ Write and code blog posts to boost Willka T’ika’s search engine optimization.

                  ○ Create and promote new types of audiovisual content such as videos, podcasts, short films, and more to increase Willka T’ika’s visibility. 

          • Sales 

                  ○ Work to increase the number of guest reviews on Facebook, Google and Trip Advisor. Collect and post guest testimonials. 

                  ○ Communicate the value of spa services and healing treatments and ceremonies to guests. 

                  ○ Work to increase sales in the Willka T’ika artisan store. 

          • Customer Service 

                  ○ Work in real-time to solve unique guest problems and requests.

                  ○ Check guests in and out of the retreat center.

                  ○ Serve guests at the Willka T’ika bar and restaurant. 

          • Personal Interest Module 

                  ○ The personal interest module enables interns to choose a functional business area to focus on. Here are some examples:

                  ○ Operations

                             – Work to standardize the inventory keeping process of the Willka T’ika store.

                             – Create a tracking system and portal to view client readiness status of rooms.

                  ○ Finance 

                             – Analyze costs of meals and food suppliers.

                             – Review vendor costs and evaluate supplier contracts.

                  ○ Product Development

                             – Research, plan, and test a new product or service to be offered at Willka T’ika, such as a class, experience, excursion or meal. 

Sustainability Intern

This internship would focus on making Willka T’ika more sustainable and socially conscious. To us, sustainability means improving our community, our environment, and our own education, and we are open to lots of project ideas. See some potential internship projects below.

          • Waste Management 

                  ○ Create a cradle-to-grave plan to maximize the amount of Willka T’ika waste materials that are properly recycled or sustainably disposed.

          • Energy Management 

                  ○ Assess Willka T’ika’s energy use, and make a plan to maximize renewable energy sources (such as solar panels).

          • Carbon neutrality

                  ○ Help Willka T’ika complete a carbon accounting assessment of our current carbon usage.

          • Social Impact 

                  ○ Source impactful, short-term volunteering projects in the Sacred Valley for future guests.

                  ○ Work to increase the impact of the Willka T’ika Children’s Fund’s.

Hospitality Intern

Practice your hospitality management skills in a real work environment. Willka T’ika is uniquely positioned as a Wellness Center rather than a hotel. However we are open to considering of hospitality-specific projects based such as the following.

          • Restaurant

                  ○ Discover and standardize the economics of our kitchen.

          • Reception / Bar

                  ○ Handle checking guests in and out of the hotel, as well as booking.

          • Spa

                  ○ Book and manage guest spa services.

          • Store

                  ○ Manage inventory, product catalog, and sales at Willka T’ika’s artisan store.

Nonprofit Intern 

One of Willka T’ika’s primary goals is to help give back to our community. Currently, Willka T’ika’s main means of doing so is through the WIllka T’ika Children’s Fund (WTCF), which supports educational opportunities for local children. Here are some examples of potential organizations to work with in partnership with the WTCF.

          • Fundraising

                  ○ Contrive and execute multi-platform fundraising campaigns for the Willka T’ika Children’s Fund, and/or other local charities

          • Program Management

                  ○ Engage with community members to discover how Willka T’ika Children’s Fund dollars could best be used to improve their lives. Then, design and execute programs to serve that need.

          • Youth Empowerment 

                  ○ The Niños del Sol is a long-standing community organization in Urubamba which houses, cares for, and educates 20 children (now teenagers). Willka T’ika interns could collaborate to and formulate a volunteering program with this incredible organization.

          • Sustainable Agriculture

                  ○ The Parque de la Papa (Potato Park) is an organization that cultivates and preserves 2,300 varieties of potatoes through sustainable agriculture. The group also hosts 3 micro-enterprises as well as an ecotourism function. Willka T’ika interns could reach out to The Potato Park and volunteer in an agricultural, environmental, or tourism-focused capacity.

          • Reforestration

                  ○ Valle Sagrado Verde is a local NGO committed to restoring the Sacred Valley’s forests with indigenous trees

          • Any many other wonderful NGOs that exist in the Sacred Valley!


Reciprocity (Ayni)?

In terms of compensation, for the initial internships, there would be a few ways to look at it:

~Room and board for the intern

~The opportunity to participate in many of our excursions, classes, and wellness activities

~The possibility for commissions for services rendered

Interested parties should please send the following to

~Resume (include e-mail, current address, and language skills)

~Cover letter (include answers to the relevant questions above)

~Duration of internship desired and dates of availability