Willka T'ika is a holistic haven in the Andes.

Willka T'ika surpasses the International Criteria for classification as an Ecolodge.

The handsome adobe-style buildings that grace Willka T'ika are constructed of natural materials sourced in the area. Hot water used on the property is solar heated. When Willka T’ika’s weekly allotment of water from the local water cooperative is not needed in the gardens, we collect it in large storage tanks for later use. Willka T’ika is one of the few Sacred Valley hotels with its own septic tanks on the property. 

The gardens at Willka T’ika have been strictly organic since their inception in 1994. The large greenhouses supplement the vegetable garden and allow us to grow our own produce year-round. Kitchen scraps and garden trimmings are composted. Willka T’ika keeps its own free-range hens for production of eggs only. 

Our sustainable practices influence the local community as well. Quechua staff members are taught how to create a chemical-free environment and grow their food organically. Staff gardeners take home seeds from Willka T’ika’s flowers and vegetables to plant on their own farms and their wives sell the flowers and produce in local markets. 

For three years the Willka T'ika Children's Fund, a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has been equipping two mountain schools with tools, seeds, and materials needed to organically grow vegetables. In addition to our educational and assistance with providing all four schools with school materials, seminars given by our gardeners are frequently held for students in the  Willka T'ika greenhouses. Willka T'ika shares its expertise with Quechua teenagers who take this knowledge back to their isolated mountain communities. This encourages many families to organically grow vegetables to supplement their diets. Our fully-inclusive programs include a comprehensive visit to one of the school communities that Willka T'ika supports.

An ongoing Young Woman's Academy to serve and assist the needs of young women in a society that does not sufficiently honor womens' issues and rights is supported by the Willka T'ika Children's Fund.