Billee Burchett
– Spritual Healer and Seer

Carol has created aplace where one can feel their soul and commune with the sacred. I have always been told that I walk between worlds. The other side has always been much more real to me than this physical realm side. I have never been able to accurately describe what the other side feels like or looks like, until I entered Willka T’ika. Everything from the Lucuma Tree to the lovely people who care for all that Willka T’ika is. Carol has managed to create a bridge between what is the sacred and what is the physical. A safe place where one can go, seek clarity, understanding and healing on any level. Carol has created a bridge or gateway. As soon as you enter the gates it feels as if you are walking between the two worlds. Willka T’ika is a place of Profound healing, body, mind and spirit. A place where you can attain a deeper understanding of the soul and spiritual growth. It could be a trek to get there, but aren’t all spiritual journeys this way?