Dennis J. McKenna Ph. D.
Director of Ethnopharmacology, Heffter Research Institute Assistant Professor, Center for Spirituality and Healing, University of Minnesota CSO, Symbio Life Sciences, Inc.

Willka T’ika is one of the “power spots” on the planet for the emerging transformation toward higher consciousness. And because of the unique pre-Inkan Lucuma Tree that Carol encountered, and the powerful Chakra Gardens she created over two decades, Carol has manifested a lens through which this transformative energy becomes focused. There is no better spot in the Sacred Valley to open yourself to the wisdom of the ancient Quechua-speaking people, their rich cosmology, and healing vibrations of the Andean medicinal plants and flowers. No other retreat center can offer anything like it. Just being in the Gardens at Willka T’ika engenders a sense of well-being and spiritual balance. It is an energetic healing center, where guests doing deep inner work can come to reflect on and integrate their experiences. There, guests encounter a place to connect with the intelligence of Nature and Her healing powers. Many of the guests have experienced this, and have noted the Garden’s significance in their personal healing and inner work as they navigate the realms opened by Pachamama.