YetAnotherTraveler, April 2018

This was my third stay at Willka T’ika. Every stay is special. As you will no doubt read from other reviews, the space is indeed special. I think it’s pretty incredible in the following ways: Incredible Team: Livio and his team are incredible. I honestly don’t know that I’ve met a more loving, humble, kind soul than Livio. He embodies the love that is found in the Sacred Valley and the kind energy found at Willka T’ika. The staff is helpful in so many ways that the only thing I can encourage is for you to go and experience this for yourself. Incredible Space: From the buildings to the gardens, each seems to “fit” right into the landscape. The 7 different gardens are each manicured with love and offer a quiet place to simply be present. From the sound of the chirping birds, to the sound of silence, you realize that this is a special place in the mountains. Incredible Rooms: First, know that each room is different. Different sizes, configurations, bathrooms, and decor make each room special in its own way. Beds are comfortable, and it has all of the amenities you need. Incredible Food: I take groups to Willka T’ika and I explain that the vegetarian food will have flavors that many have yet to experience. And, when people try the food for the first time, they thank me. They describe it as incredibly flavorful, filling yet light, and pleasing to their bodies. Blend this with the custom herbal tea created by the staff, and your body finds a happy place that it may not have experienced to date. Every time I visit, I can’t wait to find a way back. I’ve stayed at other places in the Sacred Valley, though I’ve not yet found anything as special or relaxing as Willka T’ika. Check it out for yourself. If I could give it 10 stars, I would. . . it’s that unique and incredible.