Willka T’ika Essential Wellness

Willka T’ika Essential Wellness

by Carol Cumes, February 2017


Essential Wellness is experienced when all levels of our being thrive in harmony—physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. It is felt in the physical body when we live without debilitating physical symptoms. Emotionally, we can acknowledge our feelings and accept them without judgment.  Mentally, unwanted thoughts can be cleared and freed of limiting beliefs that impede our full creative power. We are open to the flow of new ideas and inspiration that come our way. We peacefully co-exist with humans, plants and animals; and at our core, we naturally and deeply respect Mother Earth, Pachamama. To the Quechua, she is a living being, the greatest Healer revered since ancient Andean times. Spiritually, we are open to Divine Source energies that fill our being and infuse us with the light of wisdom and compassion.


Meditating within the unique, magnificent Chakra Gardens at Willka T’ika, allows the opportunity for all of Nature’s elements to generate harmony and essential well-being within and without. The light of healing is available to all who come with an open faith and desire to receive and be transformed by the energies of the ancient Lucuma Tree, the spectacular Chakra Gardens and the powerful surrounding Andean mountains of the Sacred Valley.


We have recently created new Essential Wellness programs where guests can directly experience powerful focused retreat time at Wilka Tika, in connection with Pachamama. Three of the most authentic Andean healers from diverse mountain cultures invite guests to participate in their empowering group ceremonies and unique healing activities.


In uncertain and ever-changing times as these, genuinely connecting to Source Energy through Pachamama, with our healers and the traditional Andean way is a blessed and rare opportunity to dive deep, cultivate optimal well-being and experience wholeness.