Mystical Peru Yoga Retreat

Join Maki Criscaut and Mindful Boutique for a journey into the majestic Peruvian Andes including cultural ceremonies and incredible ancient sites. Embark on a transformative journey to this mystical and spiritual […]

Sacred Awakening Retreat in Peru

Join Sora Schilling for this Sacred Awakening Retreat in Peru. Experience your sacred awakened self on this magical retreat in Peru, and mystical pathway into Pachamama, Earth Mother. We will […]

The Women’s Circle in Peru

Paradero Rumichaka, Urubamba, Cusco, Peru

Join this fully inclusive women's retreat in Peru's Sacred Valley at beautiful Willka T'ika with hosts, Wendy Kopald and Kay Gardner. Retreats for Women:  “The vision of the Women’s Circle is to discover a deeper connection to our selves, to recognize the gifts that women embody, to enrich all of our relationships and to become […]

Dragon Epic Adventure Retreat

Join Breathing Dragon Yoga together with Synergy Yoga for an extraordinary epic Andean adventure of a lifetime in Peru's Sacred Valley! Surrounded by the splendor of the Andes, guests will experience outdoor herbal baths, therapeutic massage, nutritious farm to table vegetarian meals, yoga and the renowned chakra gardens of Willka Tika. Excursions include day trips […]

Essential Wellness Retreats at Willka T’ika

Paradero Rumichaka, Urubamba, Cusco, Peru

Join us for our acclaimed in-house, fully inclusive Essential Wellness Retreats! Upcoming 2024 dates are: June 7-13, July 26-Aug 1, Sept. 13-19, Nov. 22-28. The retreat is for individuals, couples and small groups of friends traveling together, and is personally curated by Terry Cumes and Verena Velazco. (Verena seen below with Willka T’ika’s founder Carol […]

Journey to Peru and Shamanism with Gogi Abroad

Liz Jackson, founder of Gogi Abroad, and Marianna invite you to join them on a pilgrimage to the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca in Peru. This is an opportunity for those seeking spiritual exploration and transformation. This is no standard tour. We will build a small Ayllu (group/community), for a fifteen-day life-changing expedition into the […]

Yoga in the Clouds

Join Marisela Minchin, founder of Adorn by M, for a magical transformational journey in the Andes--exploring, absorbing sounds, sights and culture. Your senses will experience as much as possible with time for Yoga, inner nurturing, self-contemplation and much-needed relaxation. Being open to authentic ceremonies and a chance to experience other cultures is nourishment for the […]

Unveiling Light Within Darkness: A Peru Shadow Work Retreat

Join Mariona Riera for this special transformative fully-inclusive retreat journey in Peru's Sacred Valley! Welcome to a retreat that is not just about facing darkness, but about discovering the brilliance that emerges from its depths. Guided by seasoned facilitators, this retreat is an exploration of the hidden aspects of your being, a sacred journey into […]